Why Chase’s Terrible Spending Offer Is Intriguing This Time Around

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Chase Spending Offers

Why Chase’s Terrible Spending Offer Is Intriguing This Time Around

Every few months or so it seems Chase sends out spending offers to some of their card holders.  They did this in January and then again in April and Frequent Miler reported another round went out last week. In the past I have called these offers terrible since they essentially offered a half a point per dollar extra after spending thousands of dollars on sub-par cards.  That has all changed this time around.

What Has Changed?

The offer for the Chase Southwest Plus card, spend $4K and receive 2K in points, is still terrible.

But the offer for the Chase World of Hyatt card is very worthwhile even though it is the same spend $4K get 2K in points offer.  That is because the World of Hyatt card is worthy of your spend anyway.

Chase Spending Offers
Grand Hyatt Kauai Salt Water Lagoon.

I have said Chase knocked it out of the park when they launched the World of Hyatt card.  I also said it is now the King of hotel credit cards, especially with the gutting of the SPG card lineup.  Don’t even get me started on the lackluster SPG “luxury” card.

I think everyone should put $15,000 per year on the World of Hyatt card to earn the category 1-4 free night as it is.  The rate of return on the first $15,000 in spend on the card is up to 3.6%. That is based on a 1.8 cent per Hyatt point valuation.  This spending offer increases that to 3.84% on your first $15,000 in spend on the card.

The main reason I like this offer is because these are free points.  You should be putting  spend on the card anyway to reach $15,000. Now you can get another 2,000 points just because along the way.


I was not targeted for the offer this time around but I would have jumped on it in a heartbeat if I had been.  I have passed on Chase’s previous spending offers but with the Chase World of Hyatt card it is merely picking up extra points along the way.

Did you get targeted for the offer this time around?  Are you going to take Chase up on their offer?



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  1. How do I know if I’m targeted for these offers? Will I get an email or postal mail, or do I need to look somewhere on the Chase web site?

  2. Spending $15000 on the Hyatt card could save some folks some money; however I wouldn’t call it “knocking it out of the park. “ Putting that same spend on a 2% cash back card gives you $300 to spend anywhere. A room at lot of the category 1-4 Hyatt Hotels can be booked for that or less.

    • But that doesn’t take into the account the 15,000 miles you earn for spending the 15K as well. You are coming out quite a bit ahead on the WoH card vs the 2% card.

  3. That doesn’t sound so great to me. I still have the original Hyatt card, which just gives me a free annual night without requiring any spend at all. At least it used to – they haven’t dropped that perk have they?

    • The new card gives you the same free night for no spend…but you can earn a second one for spending 15K on the card as well. The new card is much better than the old version imo.

      The old one still gets the 1 free night as well.


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