Fighting Chase 5/24: Will I Win?

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Chase United Reconsideration Secure Message

Chase United Reconsideration Secure Message

A lot has been said about Chase’s so called 5/24 rule on this blog and others. There is no doubt that Chase has tightened their approvals and that many people are being denied for opening too many new accounts over the past two years. There is also no doubt that exceptions have been made to the rule for Chase Private Clients and those who have been targeted for offers. I have even heard of good old reconsideration overturning a “too many new accounts” denial.

My Chase Application Experience

Chase United Reconsideration Secure Message

A couple of weeks ago as part of my latest application round, I applied for the targeted United MileagePlus Explorer 75K + $50 offer. Since this offer was targeted to my account, my hope was that somehow I could bypass 5/24. I applied, the application went to pending and then I waited. Eventually a letter came in the mail telling me that I was denied for having “too many new accounts”.

A quick call wasn’t fruitful, so I turned to my old friend Secure Message. I sent a secure message asking that my application be reconsidered.

In an unsurprising turn of events, the first response was very boiler plate:

We have received your Credit Card Consideration request.

A letter was sent to you on June 1, 2016, explaining the reasons the application was declined. For those reasons we are not able to put this application through the reconsideration process. We are sorry for any
inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

This response upset me, primarily because the first sentence of my original message was this:

I received a letter via the mail saying you are not approving me for the United card.

I feel that the rep starting with an explanation that a letter was sent to me, in response to a message acknowledging that I received the letter sort of shows a lack of interest on their part. They really didn’t give my request or my situation a look, but just responded in a generic way. Of course I have recently learned about the higher level Resolutions Department within Chase, so I sent back a two sentence reply specifically asking for my application to go to them.

It took a short while, but I received the following response:

We are writing in response to your recent correspondence. We have escalated your concerns to the appropriate department for review. They will respond to you directly.

I take this as further evidence that this Resolutions Department does exist and that they have the ability to overturn denials, but will they?

My Chances?

I don’t think my chances of overturning this denial are very good, but it also doesn’t hurt to try, especially with the limited time commitment it takes when corresponding via secure message. I also have a Southwest personal card that I am getting ready to cancel, so I am hoping my willingness to cancel that and shift credit will help me. Again, I do not have my hopes up, but given that Frequent Miler was successful in his reconsideration for the same card, there is still hope.


Yes Chase is getting tougher on those who have applied for a lot of credit cards and yes there are ways to still get approved, but it is difficult. To me, it is clear that “5/24” is becoming increasingly gray due to numerous approval data points. With that said, most will probably still see denials, so it is always important to weigh your options, especially if you have a lot of new accounts. In my case, we will see if my last ditch reconsideration effort will be successful, but at this point I am not holding my breath.


  1. I have talked with Chase and numerous others in regards to new cards or applications. In short,in relation to the Ink Plus card ,I definately could have pushed with Chase,
    Blah ,blah,blah-got the card. Three premiums cards. In reality,I needed the Hyatt more .I applied and got the Hyatt card two weeks later. if there is going to be a review or anything against the norm,company practice…..I always always,immediately ,ask for an underwriter or manager when calling in. Always go as high up the ladder as possible-you need not repeat yourself as much that way. You call in and tell them ,Yes ,I anticipate spending 10,000+ monthly on this particular card -Giving them every reason to believe-Yes,indeed,he/she will put that spend on the card? And pay it off? The rules are bent-Tadah-A card!

    • Slightly clueless, AD.. That’s why they said you should read more. Your spending obviously didn’t help because you were declined 2 months ago for the Ink which is before the 5/24 rule went into play. If you read further you would realize that the Hyatt card(along with several others) is not included in the 5/24 rule. So you just spewed info that everyone already knew, yet you still think you beat a rule. The More You Know!

  2. No special claims here. Just Sharing my insight/experience with others. One can usually learn from what others report in comparing to my experiences. Redundant information can affirm what you already know….Patterns,trends…. I gain knowledge from each persons reported situation. If it didn’t benefit you,so…be it. Good luck with the card.

  3. Yeah u keep thinking that. Lots of big spenders in the points world and we all pay off our bills monthly (or should) so nothing special bout that.

  4. I also got denied, for the same exact Chase United Mileage Plus 70K miles + $50 offer. I too called Chase Recon, only once, and was denied for too many accounts in the past 24 months. So I gave up. Reading this, I’m intrigued as to what will happen to your case. Keep us posted re: that higher level review and good luck!

    • Six chase cards in 10 months . New to Chase just less than a year ago.Heavier monthly spend and always pay balances monthly.I genuinely believe heavy spend and quick pay helps though.Freedom,Saphire P ,SWA ,Marriott,BA,and applied for Ink plus two months ago -nope ,then got Hyatt a month later.No problems yet.Chase is good.Many people take the freebies-miles..etc.for grantide! I’m not going anywhere-Trust-Spend $-pay quick.You will be rewarded with any bank.

  5. I even got a mail offer from United for the card and chase still denied me. So I contacted United to stop sending me those flyers in the mail. Meh

    • I also got that flyer plus targeted by email but have held off applying until I knew if targeting made a difference to 5/24. Sounds like a no.

  6. I don’t think you will get it and you also noted “too many accounts open”, in my experience this is different than the 5/24 rule. I had applied for 3 chase cards, the Hyatt(5/24 doesn’t apply) went through just fine but the United and IHG did not,I called in and she said the United card was denied for the 5/24 rule and I could not have it but that the IHG was declined for too many accounts so she could take a look at it, within minutes she approved the card, the outcome was what I originally expected as the 5/24 rule applies to the United card but not the IHG or Hyatt. I had applied for 3 AMEX cards the same day and called them after Chase, all 3 of those were immediately approved from one rep.


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