Up to 22% off Chevron Gift Cards & What to do with them!


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Up to 22% (or 15%) Off Chevron Texaco Gift Cards

Earlier today I covered a deal where I saved 25% off the face value of Hyatt gift cards. Using a similar set of promotions, I was also able to save 22% off the face value of Chevron/Texaco gift cards. I actually wrote about this deal a few hours ago on Frequent Miler, but I believe it warrants mentioning here as well with a little more detail on what to do with the cards.

The Current Offers

Currently there are a few offers that work together to make this a great deal. Here they are:

So if we combine those deals the math works like this:

  • Cost of cards: $270
  • eBay Bucks earned: $27 (or $5.40 if not targeted for 5X eBay Bucks)
  • Portal cashback: $10.80
  • Total cost: $232.20 ($253.80)
  • Percentage off $300 face value: 22.6% (15.4%)

The key to this deal is adding together the promotions. Sure the 10% discount is nice, but adding in eBay Bucks and portal cashback makes the discount 15.4%. Of course if you were targeted for the 5X eBay Bucks promotion, then you are getting a 22.6% discount which is amazing.

What to do with these cards?

Well the way I see it, there are two ways to go from here. First off, you could use them and enjoy a decent discount off of your gasoline. Even if Chevron is more expensive in your area, the discount off of face value may warrant buying fuel there.

Secondly, you can resell the gift cards. Gas gift cards hold their value quite a lot since fuel is a necessity for just about everyone. Currently these cards sell for 88-90% of their face value (source: Gift Card Granny) so you would be coming out ahead either way.


This is another fantastic deal that can be had today on gift cards. Just remember whenever purchasing from eBay or anywhere else that it is important to stack discounts, portal returns and loyalty programs to make any dealer sweeter! Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks, Shawn. Great deal. The math/decision for me is using these cards at Chevron versus buying gas at my local Costco. The Costco tends to be 5-7% less than local Chevrons, plus I get 4% cash back on gas at Costco with the Costco Biz Amex. So I guess it’s roughly a toss up, to sell the gift cards at a 10%’ish profit and continue to buy my gas at Costco, versus using the gift cards to buy my gas at Chevron. I’m not trying to be precise, given that the gas price differential varies, and obviously having the 5x eBay bucks or not is a big factor. Either way, it’s a nice deal!

  2. This is fantastic. In SoCal (think NorCal is excluded in Safeway stores), Vons Stores get 2x points towards giftcard purchases. I’ve been buying gas cards to take advantage of getting 10c or 20c off per fill up… course I can maximize this further by filling up gas cans as there’s a limit.

    But this solidifies my filling up there, that 5x is awesome on top. Too bad it’s not straight paypal merchant though.

    • Jake, I thought the same thing and nearly gave up on maximizing the 5x eBay bucks as I had been in the past couple months when there were less or no minimum spend requirements. However, if you purchase multiple of the same “single item” in one purchase, such as 3x Chevron GC, it counts it as a single item and you get the 5x eBay bucks. I was shocked that it worked.

  3. Great and irritating are both feelings towards seeing this offer.

    Ebay sent me a mc999 warning a few days ago after the last round of ebay gc deals. Apparently my wife who also lives under the same roof and has her own account (which she’s sold and bought on too) cannot buy gift cards if I also do.

    I’m tempted to get a dedicated vpn and a po box for the second account. The loss on this deal alone is $35 for me and it’s easy liquidation as well as I’m a bulk seller w/ saveya.

  4. Shawn:

    I usually go through an airlines (shopping portal) when I make purchases..have not used ebates before, but the rebate on the GC purchase on eBay is interesting. Do they offer rebates on GC buys for all listed retailers? Ebay is not on the airline or Chase Ultimate rewards portal, but for others, they usually say that GC are NOT eligible for earning portal points/miles. If the ebate site does, then wouldn’t it be more advantageous to make all GC purchases at say staples (for 5x category points with my Ink Visa) through them?

    • No it varies by retailer. In the case of eBay they pay out different amounts in different categories. For this, they specifically list the gift card payout. Most merchants either pay out a flat rate for everything with or without gift cards. A lot of times gift cards are specifically excluded in the portal terms.

  5. Shawn: Does ebates give credit (cash back) for all GC purchases, on any listed retailer? That’s omething the airline and Ultimate Rewards portals do not do (they say no mileage/points on GC buys). ,Wouldn’t it make sense to make any online buys of GC (say through Staples.com with my Chase INK card) through ebates vs. anywhere else? Going to eBay through them is obvious since ebay is not on the other portals.

  6. Has anybody thought of buying a ebay gift card from staples/office depot and then doing this deal, would also get 5X UR.

    • That would work. You can also buy a eBay gift card through Paypal Digital Gifts and possibly earn 5X as well. I left that part out to simplify, but you could definitely do that.


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