Basic & Advanced Gift Card & Merchandise Reselling: View My Chicago Seminars Presentations!


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Chicago Seminars Reselling Presentations

Last week I spoke about basic & advanced gift card and merchandise reselling at the Chicago Seminars. I know quite a few people had requested for me to upload the presentations, so I am going to share them publicly now. I won’t be leaving them up indefinitely, but for now you can access the presentations at the following links.

The password is: chicago

I will have a debrief from my time at the Chicago Seminars coming up in the next few days. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Hey shawn, thanks for the amazing tips last Saturday in Chicago. I can access the slides in Linked in Shareview, but how do we download them to review from time to time after you’ve taken down the links?
    Thanks again

  2. W/ much love… I’m annoyed. I’m subscribed to you on Twitter, fb…know even when your latest born. how did I miss learning of your Chicago seminar? Slides relatively unhelpful. Grr. There’s a missing link here that’s messing me up…

  3. I’m very interested in the reselling topic but unfortunately I missed the event this time. When will be the next seminar?


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