Citi AA Executive 100K Offer Back From The Dead?


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I reported a couple of days ago that all of the so called “zombie” links for the Citi AA Executive 100,000 mile offer were displaying an error message. At that time I inferred that the application was probably gone for good, but the error could be a sign of a different problem and thus there was always a slight possibility of the links working again.

While there is no way to know for sure what caused the applications to go down, today people on Flyertalk are reporting that the links have started working again. Additionally, a few people have applied and confirmed via phone that they are going to receive the 100,000 bonus with a $200 statement credit. (Offer details.)

As I have mentioned before, there is always some risk when applying through a link without a landing page. With that said, I recommend checking out Flyertalk to see the latest developments before deciding whether or not to apply.

For those who were disappointed that they weren’t able to get in on the deal, then you may want to consider doing so now if it makes sense to you.  We simply have no way of knowing how long the links will last.  It could be months or they may discover the mistake quickly and shut it down right away.

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