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  1. Hi ,
    I spoke to CSR . They said you can do initial funding to open the checking . I asked how much Max …She said 50K , if thats what you want …Thinking could this be an option for MS , if not which card is best to apply fund from . Barclay Arrival + does not put Cash advance when you load on line ….Do you recommend any other CC to do initial checking deposit .

    2nd note – My wife is home maker but an extra (Of her own) AA card but no thank you card . i probably will open a checking account for her separately . In income should i put my income as her making house maker .

    Appreciate someone’s comment

    • @Santosh:
      would that (funding the account with a Credit Card) not be counted as a cash advance? If anyone has information about this, I’d appreciate it!

      • It varies by bank. Loading with a Citi card generally triggers a cash advance, some Chase cards as well. Barclay’s has worked for me in the past without a cash advance fee. The best way to make sure is to switch the cash advance limit on the card you want to use to $0. That way it won’t go through if they run it as a cash advance.

  2. When I did this a two or three years ago (when they were sending out 1099’s), if you had a mortgage with Citi above a certain amount that would qualify you to have the Citigold fee waived. Looks like they’ve changed the language on that and now only count deposits past a certain level to waive the monthly $30 fee.

  3. The terms you posted say you need two direct deposits–I don’t really want to change my direct deposit–where do you get that bill pay would work as well?

    • Thanks for catching that. The graphic I used is outdated. I will fix when I get in front of a computer. If you click the Doctor of Credit link you will see the correct offer. It doesn’t require a direct deposit, but $750 in debit card purchases.

      • Hi Shawn. I don’t see a current promo code on the Doc of Credit site, just the expired ones from last year. Any advice?

    • Based on other people’s experiences, if you are able to sign up with a valid promo code, you should receive the miles, even if you don’t have a current AA credit card.

  4. Closed mine back in March 2013. So I’ve added it to the calendar for another go round. Yes did the maximum amount and no 1099. Miles posted no problem. I did end up paying one month of fees I think. I’ll have to look into the details and see if I can avoid it with a minimum balance this time.

    Obvious question I guess is whether there is any evidence of a backlash for such quick in and out behavior? Reduced likelihood of credit card approvals in the short term? Anything? I never had any issues myself and got LOTS of Citi AA cards in the interim (churned the Platinum when that was doable then the Exec too) so I certainly haven’t seen any problems myself.


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