New Working Links for Two Popular Citi ThankYou Cards


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Citi ThankYou Preferred & Premier Bonus

Citi ThankYou Preferred & Premier Bonus

As I have mentioned a few times before, Citi has been a bit strange lately. Yesterday I covered the disappearance of the AT&T Access More card from both the Citi & AT&T website (I did manage to find a working link) and I have covered other changes like their tightening of churning rules as well.

A short while back they did something very strange. They eliminated bonuses on two of their most popular cards. Specifically the long time 20K bonus on the ThankYou Preferred was eliminated as was the 40K bonus on the ThankYou Premier. The elimination of the Premier bonus is truly baffling to me. That card really is designed to be a Sapphire Preferred competitor and with Chase offering a 55K bonus on that card, I’m not really sure what Citi is up to.

While Citi’s motivations will continue to remain a mystery, thankfully it seems links have surfaced to get the bonuses on both the ThankYou Preferred and Premier cards. Citi has still not raised the bonuses on their public site, but these zombie links should still work if you are interested in signing up.


I am fairly sure we will see new public offers for these cards at some point soon, but if you really want to get one of them now, then using these zombie links could be a good solution. We did see a 50K bonus on the Premier for much of 2015, so if you are willing to hold out you could do better. Of course, that isn’t guaranteed and who knows if/when a public bonus will return.

HT: Doctor of Credit via Reddit

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  1. Hey Shawn, is the Thank You Preferred bonus normally 20K? Has there been any higher bonuses in the past year?

    • The ThankYou Preferred bonus is currently nothing and has been there for a couple of months. The link in this post is a zombie link for the old 20K offer before Citi pulled it. I believe the last time it was at 30K was early in 2015.

  2. My wife signed up for the Prefferred card in December when they had the $0 spend for 20k error offer. After 5 SM they basically kept dragging it out saying we are still looking into it and they would let me know. We did the $1500 spend but they wouldn’t even offer 5k in points as an apology for the error or anything. Lost some respect for Citi…if they were not going to honor their mistake they should have just come out and said it.


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