1. No, I wouldn’t recommend this Citibank account to anyone. I have opened many online checking/savings accounts, and received many bonuses for doing so, but working with Citibank personnel on this account was the worst! After I opened the account and linked it with my personal ID, they immediately shut down all online access to my credit cards for “security reasons” until I received their debit card (which I didn’t want anyway). It took 3 weeks for the card to arrive, and then it didn’t work, so they sent another one. When I tried to verify the bonus, I got 3 differing responses. By the time the 2nd debit card arrived, it was beyond the 30 day limit to fund the account, and I didn’t want to have to “negotiate” an extension with them. By that point, it just wasn’t worth the hassle anymore, so I never even funded the account.


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