Billions in Lost Funds… Check if Any of It Is Yours!!!


claim lost funds

Billions in Lost Funds… Check if Any of It Is Yours!!!

Every year there’s billions and billions in lost money in each state in the country. This is money from old bank accounts that haven’t been used in years, utility security deposits, stock holdings, refunds from merchants that couldn’t be issued because of wrong addresses on file, and a range of other places where the legitimate owner can’t be contacted for a variety of reasons. Maybe you move or change your name and these funds are reported as lost. Just New York State alone for example has $15.5 billion in unclaimed money. Regardless of where you live, you can check and claim lost funds.

How to Check

Usually each state has a dedicated government page for these lost funds. You can check by entering some basic information such as name, birthday, SSN and maybe address. It could vary from one state to the other.


Let us know if any of the links no longer work.


These are government websites, so they should be safe. And this is real money, so it’s worth a quick check, to see if you’re owed anything. When I checked a couple of years back I found about $30 that I was owed from PayPal for “AMTS DUE FOR UNDELIVERED GOODS/SERVICES”. Hopefully you find some too.

Let us know if you’re able to claim lost funds!

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  1. I searched for my spouse and myself, no luck. But out of boredom/curiosity I checked a few other family member’s names, turns out my sister-in-law is owed $860 by Capital One – looks like she’ll be buying me a very nice dinner and cocktails very soon!

  2. We moved from the mountains of Colorado to Denver in 1996. A couple years later my brother told us he saw my name on the list . We checked it and got some money back from an insurance company that didn’t have a good address for us. So last month,on a whim, I checked the site. Lo and behold, I noticed we were due an amount from the county treasurer from a county we hadnt lived in for 22 years. So….you never know. It was for $32 and some change.


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