Why You Need to Check Your Club Carlson Bookings & What I Booked Yesterday


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club carlson bonus award night extended

Club Carlson Bookings & Bonus Award Night Still Working

Like many other people yesterday, I worked hard to burn the remainder of my Club Carlson Gold points. I’m sort of glad this deadline came, because it made me make a decision on where to go this summer with my son.

Since Club Carlson is big in Scandinavia, I chose a few cities and made reservations in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Gothenburg. All total, I spent 138,000 Club Carlson points for 6 nights. (I had previously burned even more points.)

club carlson bonus award night extended
Yesterday this was 50,000 for 2 nights. After the system is updated the same nights will cost 140,000.

Since a lot of hotels in Europe went up in price during the devaluation, I checked this morning and while the hotels I booked in Gothenburg and Copenhagen remained the same, the one in Stockholm went up from 50,000 points to 70,000 points. To put that in persepctive, last night I booked two nights for 50,000 and today those same two nights would cost 140,000. Talk about a devaluation.

Check Your Bookings

club carlson bonus award night extended
The Bonus Award Night feature is still working as of now.

As of right now, the Club Carlson website is still allowing you to book the bonus free night. (According to the company, it will work through 11pm CST tonight.) This may be a good time to check your bookings, since many properties (particularly in India) went down in price. Since the new prices are showing, you may be able to re-book at the new lower rates and still get the free night until they fix the system.


I’m sure Club Carlson saw a run on the bank yesterday with the devaluation. While some properties like the one in Stockholm have nearly tripled in cost without the Bonus Free Night, others have gone down and there is a unique opportunity to still book those with the Bonus Award Night. Enjoy!

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  1. Yep, you are correct – I had to call Club Carlson’s Australia office yesterday near midnight EST to fix something as this was the only Club Carlson center open at that time. The rep mentioned that BOGO card benefit was going away on 6/1 (today) at 11:00pm Central Time, and not on 5/31 as widely rumored. Of course, the category devaluation happened yesterday nevertheless.


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