How to Register the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo Internet Benefit


CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo Benefit Registration

One of the many lucrative benefits of the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card is its Gogo internet offering for cardholders. Specifically each primary and authorized user card gets 12 free one-time use Gogo passes each year. Claiming your free CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo passes isn’t difficult. Here is how to do it. 

Claiming Your Free Gogo Passes

In order to link your CNB Crystal Visa Infinite account to Gogo you can either login to your account and find the Gogo benefit or visit this site.

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo

Make sure to enter the full card number of either your CNB Crystal Visa Infinite primary or authorized user cards. Keep in mind that each card (both primary and AU) gets 12 passes of its own.

Linking To Your Account

If you input a valid credit card number in the previous step Gogo will acknowledge you have 12 free passes and ask you to either create a new Gogo account or to login to your existing account. If you have an account with Amex Business Platinum passes note that you can use the same account for both.

After logging into your Gogo account or creating one the site will then confirm that your 12 free Gogo passes are linked to your account and ready for us. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Verifying CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo Passes

Once you have linked your passes, make sure to repeat the process for any authorized user cards if you wish. Once that is done you can login to your Gogo account and verify the passes are all on your account. I personally added 24 passes (12 from my primary and 12 from an AU) and all showed up on my account instantly.

One thing to note is the passes expire 12 months from when you add them to your account. I added these passes on August 14, 2019 and they will expire on August 14, 2020. Plenty of time to use the passes, but keep that in mind if you want to spread out your redemptions to avoid them all expiring at once.


As you can see registering for the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo internet benefit is both simple and easy. While everyone else is either suffering through boredom on the next flight or actually paying to surf the web, you’ll be living large with your “free” internet access provided by what is perhaps the best premium credit card on the market.

Do you have the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite card? Have you enjoyed your Gogo internet benefits? Share your story in the comments. 

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  1. I load my AU codes into a separate account so a travel companion can use a secondary account code on the flight with me.

    Gogo does not allow two codes to be used from the same account on a flight.


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