Coke Rewards, Get $15 to Spend on Coca Cola Products Plus Free Movie, Drink & Popcorn at AMC

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Coke Rewards, Get $15 to Spend on Coca Cola Products Plus Free Drink & Popcorn at AMC

There’s two deals currently that could get you free Coca Cola products at, or large drink and popcorn to go with you free movie at AMC. You must have a Coca Cola account to participate in these offers. Let’s look at the details.

Be one of the first 25,000 to enter any eight product codes and you’ll receive $15 off your favorite Coca-Cola beverages from Boxed. Offer ends 4/26/2019.

coke rewards

Free Drink and Popcorn at AMC

Catch a show at AMC Theatres and get the following free items:

  1. Enter any 5 product codes to get a large fountain drink
  2. Enter 5 additional codes for a large popcorn
  3. Enter 10 addiitonal codes to get an AMC movie ticket

This offer ends on 3/8/2019.


Good offers for those who like movies. You can get a free movie ticket plus a drink and popcorn. You can also get a $15 discount on Coca Cola products from


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