Save Money Wherever You Are with CrayPay!

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craypay app

Save Money Wherever You Are with CrayPay!

The CrayPay app makes it easier to instantly purchase discounted gift cards. It can be used for purchases in store and online. You can purchase an Applebee’s gift card for example once you’re done with your meal, or an Amazon gift card if you’re shopping online.

How It Works

You download the app and add a credit card. Then you browse for nearby locations if you’re shopping in-store or go through the list of online merchants. For each merchants you will see the respective discount. Amazon for example is 1% and Applebee’s is 3%, just to keep the same two examples that I mentioned above.

You then enter the amount owed, confirm your new reward price, which is the total minus the discount and you purchase a gift card for the exact amount. The gift card is delivered instantly, once the payment is submitted. So it can be used right away or saved in your wallet.


CrayPay also has a rewards program. The more you shop the more rewards you earn. You start by earning 100 points for every $1.00 you save on purchases using the app. Points buy you levels, which get you a higher percent savings on your future gift card purchases.

Here’s my rewards after I purchased a $5 Amazon gift card, which I just added to my Amazon account balance. Once you have enough points to go to the next level then rates go up for each merchant. For Amazon for example the rate is 1% for Level 1 and it goes up to 1.15% for Level 2 and then 1.31% for Level 3.


The discounts for most merchants are not very competitive in my opinion. The main draws of this app will probably be the fact that you can purchase gift cards instantly and also, you can purchase exact amounts for your total. For example at Applebee’s, you can see your bill, calculate your total including tip and then purchase the gift card.

I made my first purchase today, using my Chase Ink Bold card, so I’m not sure yet if there’s any bonus earning for the app. If anyone has been using this app for a while, some data points would be appreciated. New users can sign-up with our referral link and we earn 50 points. (Not sure what that’s worth.)

Do you see any value here? Will you download it? Let us know!

Hat Tip to reader Bob P.

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