Delta Flash Sale: Pretty Junky Sale This Week, Domestic From 11K Roundtrip


Delta Weekly Flash Sale: Domestic Flights From 11,000 Skymiles Roundtrip

Delta released their weekly flash sale again last night.  The past few weeks have been focused on domestic flights and this one is no different.  The big difference is that those sales had some actual decent prices where as this sale is pretty laughable for the most part.

Domestic “Deals”

Here are the routes that Delta thinks are a good sale for some reason:

Terms of the Offer

Direct Link To Sale


Some of these prices are pretty disgusting. 38,000 miles to go from Detroit to Portland Oregon, how is that a “sale”?  Maybe in first class but in coach, come on.  Why even post it?

The flights to Phoenix, Denver, and Orlando are the only ones worthwhile on the sale sheet.  Hopefully one of those works for a few of you at least.


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    • That is a good one and glad CVG finally got on there. CVG and Dayton are always so expensive for everything. I snagged 12K to Denver roundtrip a few months ago – can’t beat it!

  1. I am with you Mark! Most of ‘Delta Flash Sale’ is garbage. They just want people to use up there miles so they can finally claim it on there quarterly financial records (for Wall Street).

    • They had some good ones over the summer but the last few months have been pretty horrible outside of the Europe Delta One sale.


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