Delta Flash Sale: Comfort+ To Hawaii From 50K Round Trip

Delta Flash Sale to Hawaii
The beautiful view of a rainbow over Honolulu as seen from the top of Diamond Head.

Delta Flash Sale: Comfort+ To Hawaii From 50K Round Trip

UPDATE: My sincere apologies the sale is for Comfort+ and not business class. I am not sure how I made that mistake this morning but with that change this is a deal that most will probably wanna pass on.

Delta is jumping in on the Hawaii bonanza with an award sale of their own.  Now the main cabin awards seem pretty insulting compared to Southwest’s $49 each way prices a week or so ago.  But there are a few somewhat okay comfort+ options that I think people will find interesting.  All prices are for round trip flights.

Hawaii Deals

Delta Flash Sale to Hawaii

Delta Flash Sale to Hawaii

Terms of the Deal

Delta Flash Sale to Hawaii

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While the domestic prices are not that great for a sale there are a few pretty good prices out of Seattle for comfort+.  If you live on the West Coast and were unable to get in on the Southwest sale then maybe this is an option.

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    • Not sure what I was thinking this morning. I think I auto plugged in business in my head since that is what they have been doing lately with their sales. Updated – thank you and my sincerest apologies.

    • I am an idiot this morning Greg. Sincerest apologies and thanks for the heads up – I have fixed it. My pre-caffeine brain must have plugged in biz class since that is what they usually have done 🙁


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