Delta Hotel by Marriott Coming to Las Vegas Strip

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Delta Hotel by Marriott Las Vegas Strip

Delta Hotel by Marriott Coming to Las Vegas Strip

The first ever Delta by Marriott hotel tower is being built off the Las Vegas Strip. The new hotel will be located near Flamingo Road and Valley View. The location is just off of I-15 and is only a short ride to both the Strip and the home of the Raiders stadium.

The large 24-story non-gaming tower is going up right next to the Palms Hotel and Casino. Las Vegas-based CAI Investments, which is building the hotel in conjunction with Marriott, hopes to have it open by the fall of 2021, according to a news release. The hotel will feature a rooftop pool, meeting space and other amenities.

“It’s important to have options for everybody,” Clark County commissioner for District-A, Michael Naft said as per Las Vegas Now. “We want everyone to feel comfortable here in Clark County and Southern Nevada. And having non-gaming options is of course part of that puzzle.”

“We’ll have 6-stories of parking that will be wrapped by exterior skin of glass, concrete,” said Christopher Beavor, CEO of CAI Investments. “The check-in will actually be located on the 7th floor with the backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip.”


  1. The headline says “Coming to LV Strip” and then the first sentence in the article says “off of the Strip”, which is the correct one. Why didn’t the headline state that, e.g. near the Strip or just off of the Strip?

  2. I cannot complain about the location. Next door to the Palms is a great spot for a hotel.

    However, building it as a Delta hotel shows just how bad Marriott management is at differentiating its brands.

    Really, what will guests have to look forward to because this a Delta instead of a Marriott or a Sheraton? Nothing. It’s just a name.

    The rebranding of the decrepit Mesa Marriott into a Delta hotel showed just how little Marriott has gotten from the Delta acquisition. Under Marriott, Delta is nothing but a name.

    You know what? Nothing’s gonna change. As long as the economy is riding high, any idiot could run Marriott and make money.


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