1. There’s also currently a Bank of America offer (“BankAmeriDeals”) for $125 back after paying the first two monthly bills of your Directv account with the associated BofA credit card.
    The offer does say “New approved customers only. Must sign up directly through DIRECTV, sign-ups through Authorized Dealers not eligible. First 2 monthly service bills of at least $19.99+ must be paid separately no later than 12/20/15 using the card associated with the offer to earn $125 cash back.” but I’m not sure if that is meant to also exclude using cash back portals.

    If you can get $125 from BofA and $220 from a portal, and the service costs you $19.99/month, then over a period of 24 months the overall out of pocket cost will be 19.99*24-125-220 = $134.76, or $5.6 per month, which is 72% off the original cost ($19.99/month).

  2. I just signed up for AT&T Uverse — TV and internet service. AT&T was offering a $250 gift card for bundling, and Ebates offered another $200. Together, I think we did pretty well. Plus, AT&T doesn’t seem to have all the add-on surprises that I’ve found with Directv in the past (yes, they say $19.95 per month, but in my experience it ends up being much more expensive by the time you’re done.) Of course, now that AT&T has bought Directv, it’ll be interesting to see what changes are in store.

  3. I’m a long-time Directv customer. Good reminder that it’s time to make my annual August call. Usually get a retention offer (have to offer to quit) for the NFL package and a bunch of other discounts (and sometimes free premium stations). Wish I was a new customer and could get a couple nights at the Grand Wailea!


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