Amex’s New Website Might Spell Bad News for Amex Offers

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Disappearing Amex Offers New Website

Disappearing Amex Offers New Website

American Express has been testing out their new website design for a few months, but it appears to finally have rolled out to all customers. It is certainly pretty and it looks something like this.

Disappearing Amex Offers New Website

As part of the redesign they also have spruced up the way the Amex Offers interface looks.

Disappearing Amex Offers New Website

Unfortunately it seems this pretty design might come with some pitfalls.

Disappearing Offers

Up until now it has been possible to add offers to multiple cards on the same login either via Twitter or by opening up each card in a separate tab and quickly clicking to add the offer. I recently did this for example on the Boxed Amex Offer.

Unfortunately the days of multiple offers may be over. Yesterday before placing an order at Boxed, I decided to check to ensure an offer was loaded to a card and it wasn’t there. I track which offers I load in a spreadsheet, so I know I had loaded the offer to this card. After seeing that the offer had disappeared, I checked my other cards on the same login and it was gone from all of them.

Not All Offers

Strangely, some offers are showing on multiple cards so this doesn’t apply to every single offer, at least not yet. It does seem though that as part of the new website American Express can remove offers if they are loaded to multiple cards on the same login.

A Fix. Sort Of.

Fortunately there is a fix, but it is a PAIN if you have a lot of cards. As a test I moved the card with the disappearing offer onto its own login. I did this by removing it from its existing login and then creating a new login for just that card. As you might guess, as soon as this card was all alone, the Boxed offer came back!


Only time will tell how widespread this new implementation will be, however it is clear that the new website has some tricks up its sleave in addition to a fresh look. I have a lot of cards so it will take awhile to put them each on their own login, but I think that might be the direction to head in.

Have you noticed the Boxed or other offers disappearing from your cards? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I have separate log ins for each of all my Amex cards. Sometimes the offers have disappeared and then reappeared – more common in the morning to see them disappear, then as the day progresses, they reappear. I’ve been able to get the credit, even if they have become invisible.

  2. Either I have great luck or I’m not following. My offers show up largely the same way. I can add multiple offers at a time (just tested it) and when switching between cards, the offers are there and able to be added or viewed. I have the Platinum Card as well as the Hilton Surpass card.

    Overall I do not like the new interface. Thanks to Renè for posting a way to get to the older one.

    As for the offers, I’m not seeing any functional difference.

  3. I have all cards on separate log ins. But even doing that, using two offers on Amazon in separate purchases, I only got credit for one. I think they can now track separate accounts back to who you are.

  4. Pretty sure this is a false alarm. I also saw an offer missing that I know I had added before I made the order. I started a chat and the rep said she could see the offer was added to the card and not to worry about not seeing it from my end. Must be just a glitchy thing going on during the new layout process.

  5. The same thing happened to me with my Boxed offer too. As VM mentioned though, it’s still viewable in the app, even though it doesn’t show up on the website.

  6. Does the fact that you don’t see them mean they really disappeared? As you say it reappeared in its own login without you signing back up for it, so I would think that it didn’t really disappear, it’s only “invisible”.
    The best thing would be for someone to try out using an offer they don’t see but know for sure it was added to the card, and then see if you get the offer or not.

  7. Yes, the offers are still good, and you can check by looking it up from the mobile app, it still shows from the mobile app. I tried twice afterward and both times it triggered the offer.

  8. If you have an Amex offer on several cards on same online account, As soon as you use one of them and receive credit for that, new Amex UI doesn’t show same offer on other cards anymore but the actual offer is still connected to those cards and you can see those through app


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