Non-Stop RT US to Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, Rome+ on Major Carriers Starting From $249+ and Best Ways to Book

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Discount International Flights

Discount International Flights

I was searching flights to Paris and Rome when I noticed that almost all of the major carriers have some really great round trip fares between several major US cities and popular destinations in Europe. Airlines include United, Delta, American, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France and more. I ended up finding so many I decided to do things a bit differently and just give you a picture of each search with the lowest fares I found. I also found that Delta is offering awesome prices on Premium Economy for flights to Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam, round trip for just $720. That’s a steal! Iberia and American are in the mix as well with Premium Economy starting around $800.

Best Ways to Book

If Delta or American are your preferred airlines, you should definitely check to see if Amex has insider fares available where you can save even more money by paying with points. I would also contact Amex to find out if these fares qualify for waived change fees and free cancellations. You can read more about that here: A Way to get Free Changes & Cancellations on American Airlines Without Status. Remember you no longer have to call Amex, you can chat with the Travel department by following the instructions here.

If you decide to pay cash, the Amex Platinum Card is a great option since it earns 5x Membership Rewards Points on flights booked directly through the airline or Amex Travel. Here’s our American Express Platinum Card Benefits: Ultimate Guide Including Details of Each Perk and How to Maximize. If you don’t have a platinum card, this is a good time to get one since people are being targeted for 100K Membership Rewards Points (Guide to Membership Rewards). You can find out all the details and whether you were lucky enough to be targeted by clicking here.

Also, make sure you check the Delta Skymiles Price for any Delta ticket you’re considering. They’ve been running really cheap Skymiles Deals lately, like this one. If you need more SkyMiles, you should check out the American Express Delta Cards because they’re offering huge welcome offers right now. To help you decide which card to get check out our reviews by clicking on the card names:

Last, your ticket may be eligible for the Amex Business Platinum 35% Pay with points redemption benefit. You can find out everything about this travel benefit here.

Flights to Rome and Paris (Major Carriers)

Discount International Flights

Flights to Rome and Paris (Including Discount Carriers)

Discount International Flights

Flights to London

Flights to Barcelona

Discount International Flights

Flights to Amsterdam

Flights to Madrid

Discount International Flights

Flights to Zurich

Discount International Flights


  1. I think you’re right, I’m sure it’s more like Delta Comfort than select. I don’t think you’d ever see Select at that price. It’s like when you get a deal on first class you know it’s not gonna be Delta one LOL

  2. This is a great blog post but isn’t Delta Premium Economy just like AA MCE, not true PE product on these routes (unless it’s partner metal like AF, etc. )?


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