Discover 2020 Calendar: Bonus Categories Announced

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Discover 2019 Calendar

Discover 2020 Calendar: Bonus Categories Announced

Discover offers 5% cash back bonuses on the first $1500 in spend each quarter (much like the Chase Freedom card).  They released the Discover 2020 calendar.  Most of the bonus areas have remained the same as in 2019 with a few new additions.

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Discover 2020 Calendar

Discover 2020 Calendar Categories

The categories are as follows:

  • January-March 2020
    • Grocery Stores, Walgreens, CVS
  • April-June 2020
    • Gas Stations, Uber, Lyft, Wholesale Clubs
  • July-September 2020
    • Restaurants, PayPal
  • October-December 2020


It is nice of Discover to give us a heads up for the entire year.  Although the categories seem to stay about the same each year.  It looks like Uber and Lyft is new.  Grocery stores is always a favorite category of many as well as Amazon to finish off the year.

Let me know what category is your favorite in the comments section.


  1. Most useful: Drug Stores (because I don’t have any other cards that bonus that category). Least useful: Wholesale Clubs, which don’t even accept Discover cards! Well, Costco, doesn’t anyway. Most annoying, when Discover and Chase copy each other’s categories quarter by quarter.

    • Costco accepts Discover and MasterCard on line. To use Discover card in store, all you have to do is buy their gift card (now called the Shop Card) online and use in store. Problem solved, you get your 5%.

  2. Uber and Lyft were there for 2019 the new addition is wholesale clubs for Q2
    Q1 added CVS and Walgreens
    Everything else is the same


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