My Discover Apple Pay 10% Came Through in a Big Way (Well Sort Of) & More Data Points


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discover apple pay payout data points

Discover Apple Pay Payout Data Points

Discover’s 10% Apple Pay cashback promotion was pretty amazing if you were able to maximize it. At first my plan was to purchase gift cards to reach the $10,000 spending limit, but they changed the terms and I thus had to spend money on real things. Thankfully I amped up my reselling in December and was very close to maxing out the promotion on both mine and my wife’s cards.

While it has been taking months for people to receive some of the 10% cashback, I do have some good news. The statement just closed on my card and among the cashback earned was the following:

discover apple pay payout data points

This is great news and a positive data point. The vast majority of the Apple Pay spending on this card was done in the month of December and about half of it was done on the last statement cycle. This means that Discover seems to be paying out quicker now, or at least they did on my card. Then there is my wife’s.

My Wife’s Card

Unfortunately, my experience on my wife’s card is much different. She has only received a few dollars of the roughly $800 that they owe her for the Apple Pay purchases. Her statement did close five days before mine, so my hope is that their accounting just hasn’t caught up. Now that I know mine posted for December purchases, I fully expect that they will pay her on her February statement. If that doesn’t happen then I will be following up.


I know some of you are waiting anxiously for your money and are skeptical that Discover will payout without being pushed into it. Thankfully it seems that the money is posting as it should or at least it is on some accounts. At least with my cashback posting I am now more hopeful that everything will post without a hitch. With that said, this is Discover and they haven’t been the best bank to deal with in my experience.

Please share your data points in the comments. How much of your total Discover Apple Pay cashback has posted? How much are you waiting for?

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  1. I’ve gotten $250 of the $480 bonus I am expecting. They’ve paid out approximately through purchases on Dec 3. I haven’t got my January statement yet, expecting to see the rest of the Apple Pay bonus there. However, I most likely got screwed out of $322 on a perfectly legitimate Apple Store purchase that was blocked for no reason. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get that transaction to go through. The supervisor I eventually ended up with could/would not explain why the transaction was blocked after the fraud alert was cleared. He eventually promised to give me the $322 as a statement credit, but refused to send me an email confirming that. I will be very surprised if that promise is kept. The blocked purchase showed up as pending for 4 or 5 days, and the $3K tied up in the bogus pending transaction was subtracted from my credit line for over a week. So unprofessional.

  2. Dear Discover: I always thought you and Sears were a bunch of losers but I gave you a chance on this promotion. What an idiot I was………your inability to credit bonus points……you just don’t get it do you? If you want the money to flow to you then you have to build confidence……..but you seem unable or unwilling to go there…….there is no wonder you teeter on the edge of endless bankruptcy saved only by your real estate valuations………..never again brother…………

    • exactly. I never had a discover card before this. I see very little value in holding onto this. My cashback posts days or weeks after my statement closes. Can’t they work like Amex or chase cash back? Very frustrating experience for a first time user. thankfully the card has no AF.

      • Just DM them. Response was it could take up to 3 billing statements to get all the Cashback due. So I may not be able to fully redeem until late March/early April. I again informed them how terrible their cashback tracking was….no way to track 5% vs regular vs Apple Pay.

        All in all they got me for the year due to: the doubling, discover deals and no interest. But after that I’ll be switching back to a chase or amex card that is much more reliable in its posting of rewards.

        Too bad discover, you had a chance.

  3. I’m sure Discover will miss all of cardholders that just used the 22pc apple pay feature then the 10pc rotating categories until the one year expiration date. NOT!!! It was a good deal while it lasted. So what if it takes 2 months to get your 22 pc back. That’s like 90pc a year interest.


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