Discover Cards Mysteriously Removed from Apple Pay Wallet?!?


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discover apple pay removal

Discover Cards Removed from Apple Pay

Yesterday I received an email that is quite disturbing, so I thought I would ask if anyone has had something similar happen. Recently I purchased an iPhone for the purpose of using both mine and my wife’s Discover cards with Apple Pay.

When I received the phone about a month ago, it was quite simple to link both of the cards to the Apple Pay wallet. Since then I haven’t made very many purchases due to my travel schedule, but I have used Apple Pay a few times at places like Staples and even a few restaurants.

My family and I are in Hawaii right now and haven’t used Apple Pay on anything recently. Last night I received the following email for both of our Discover cards:

As you’ve requested, your Discover card has been removed from Apple Pay.

After receiving the emails, I went into the Apple Pay app on the phone and the cards are indeed gone. I can’t test whether or not it will work to re-add them since the cards are at home, but the whole thing is suspicious. Neither of our accounts are seemingly compromised and no new charges have been added to the cards.

To find out what happened I contacted Discover and was told that the cards were removed from the Apple Pay app. I asked my wife and she insists that she didn’t do it. Discover says there is no issue with my account and the cards should be find to add back.

Based on this information my guesses are:

  • This was some sort of a glitch.
  • My wife somehow deleted the cards without knowing it.
  • My account was somehow compromised.  (This doesn’t seem likely given that the cards have not been used.)

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, did you ever figure out why?

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  1. I’ve got an iPhone and Discover with the apple pay but have had no such issue. I wonder if they are preemptively doing this and a wrongly worded form email is being sent out. Did you buy any GC’s with the apple pay?

  2. If you tied them to an Apple Watch and removed them there or updated the software, it will remove them from your account.

  3. Went to check my iPhone and my Discover cards were there but I was having a problem with my contacts syncing from my MacBook pro to my iPhone so I went into my settings on my phone and into iCloud and when I clicked on Sign Out, a notice popped up that signing out of your iCloud account will disable Apple Pay and will remove your cards. Wondering if you might have signed out of iCloud??

  4. Yes, this happened to me, but I thought it was due to me messing with my iPhone initial setup. Got my new iPhone6S, added the DiscoverIT card and all was good, but then since I finally got an iphone with enough space, I decided to restore from my old 5S to save myself some time. Yeah right – after the restore, I realized I lost my Wallet settings. I tried to add the DiscoIT back again and couldn’t get it verified – said to call Discover. Called the # and CSR says he doesn’t see any transactions to my card from ApplePay. But I said it was verified once already, he said he saw nothing and I’d have to call ApplePay. Since it was pretty late already, I decided to just call Apple the next morning. Next morning, explained what happened to Apple and of course went thru various gyrations with them and nothing. Apple asked if I could try with another card so I tried with my TD Easy Rewards and similar issue with different wording – CSR said she didn’t receive a “token” so that she can activate it. Apple CSR was going to transfer me to a senior engineer. While I was waiting I decided to call Discover again. This time the CSR saw all the attempts we made that morning. He activated me right away – took < 5 minutes! He said the first CSR probably looked at the wrong acct (I have an old Discover from years ago that I never closed b/c it's one of my first CCs). Wasted lots of hours b/c of the first Discover CSR mistake! So that evening at Sunday family dinner, I showed the ApplePay/DiscoverIT to everyone as the card with the potential 22%CB and they knew that was the only reason I got the "lastest" iphone this year(I usually go for 1 generation under and usually the S version so I got lucky this was the right year : ) The next day, I went to Walgreens to try it out and get a VanillaGC and as I go to pay, my wallet is empty! I was like oh no – it was there last night, I showed it to my family last night. So I stepped aside and figured I will have to call Discover again, but I went ahead and tried to add the card and was able to get it verified right away w/o a call. Again took like 1 minute to set up. Went back to register and the transaction went thru & it automatically scanned my walgreens card too. At first I thought that was good, but now I'm thinking probably not good as walgreens now has my purchase details which they could "share". I'll have to keep my keyring app closed and/or remove the walgreens card from my wallet. It's been about 2 weeks now and it hasn't disappeared yet(had to stop at rite-aid for some real purchases and used the ApplePay/DiscoIT). I thought maybe Discover removed it on purpose so that I can re-verify it the way it should've gone down in the first place.

  5. It happened to me. I was at Apple Store for battery replacement on my iPhone 6 Plus.
    Removed the passcode so they can test it. Once passcode removed the credit cards were automatically removed.
    Since then I’ve been with citi, Amex and apple care on the phone for over 16 hours but none of three can figure it out.

    I’m back to swiping the card which takes extra time with the chip to authenticate. I’m pissed.

  6. Same thing happened to me with an Apple gift card. A $1,000 Apple gift card.
    I think it disappeared after an iOS update.
    I tried Apple support but they can’t help me. I put it Wallet in August 2015.
    I’m still in disbelief.
    Lesson learned: keep your physical gift cards. Don’t depend on Apple Pay/Wallet.


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