Discover Accounts Hacked? Mine Was Possibly Compromised!


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discover card hacked

Discover Accounts Compromised

This morning I logged into my Discover account to find a message informing me that my account may have been compromised. New cards have been issued and for now there doesn’t seem to be any fraudulent activity.

Upon doing an internet search I found other cardholders who have reported getting the same message, although Discover doesn’t seem to be saying how the cards have been compromised other than, “the incident did not involve Discover systems.”

discover card hacked

At least one of the other cardholders mentioned fraudulent charges on his account, so it is probably a good idea to login to make sure everything is fine with your Discover account.

I am not sure if Discover is in the process of emailing cardholders, but I  haven’t received anything from them. The only reason I know is because I logged into my account this morning.

Has This Happened to You?

Currently I do not have any more information then what is mentioned above. One of the posters mentioned Discover saying something about the Northeast, which could indicate it being part of the Staples breach, but my card wouldn’t be involved with that.

I have reached out to Discover and will update this post if I learn any new information. Have you received a similar message from Discover? If so have they informed you how the accounts were compromised? Has your account been fraudulently used? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. We have had 4 charges “denied” by Discover in the past week. We contacted the vendors. who said there was no breach. We contacted Discover, who had NO EXPLANATION as to why our charges were denied. and blamed it on “a mistake.” They could not “figure it out” and when we asked directly if they had been hacked they denied it, and offered NO HELP.

    • I have had my Discover Card compromised 2x in one month! Not a happy camper! I talked to the fraud dept. and they have no info. or explanation as to why! May have to cancel this card.

      • I received an email a week or so ago from Discover telling me to change my password as it may have been compromised. Then one that they were sending me a new card. Then Saturday night about 1 AM, they had a message for me to contact them as they may have noticed fraudulent activity. There were three $1 charges for SonyEntertain and three charges to the same thing for $99.99, I called Discover and they said that they would close my account and send new cards as it appeared to have fraudulent charges. I asked where were they coming from and they dodged my question and would not answer, just that I would not be able to use the account until the new cards arrived. I got the card today that they said they were sending, with a new security code and expiration date, but the same account number. This is from the first thing apparently and it had a form that said that Discover systems had not been hacked but the my info might have been. ???? I told them I had an electronic payment coming today and they said that would post and I would still be able to view my info, just not use the account.

  2. If any card company is hacked ,maybe the first time it happens they’ll do a softened pitch of  its impact to avoid acct closures.
    If your card is used to make unauthorized purchases, its a good chance they won’t post them because they know they’re acts of fraud. They’ll just stick the total of the charge to your acct without an explanation ( or disguise it in a jumbled confusing series of acct adjustments) so you’ll have to decide what to do with your acct from there on. Low ethics driven by money and damage recovery ? Best bet ,write to FDIC asap!


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