Great Deal: 25% Bonus When Redeeming Discover Cash for Nike GCs & Why to Do It


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Discover Cash Nike Gift Card Bonus

Discover Cash Nike Gift Card Bonus

One of the best uses for Discover Cash is gift cards, since they often give you better than the $.01 cash value. For example, a couple of months ago I covered how I redeemed my Discover Cash for Nike gift cards at 20% off. I then re-sold those gift cards for a profit. See my original post for more details.

New Discover Nike Bonus

Now, Discover is making it even better. For a limited time you can get a $20 Nike physical or eGift card for $15. While the denomination is smaller than the normal offer ($50 card for $40 Discover Cash) the discount is greater. (25% vs. 20%)

Discover Cash Nike Gift Card Bonus

What to Use Them For?

Nike gift cards are relatively valuable for re-sale. For example, I have sold them for up to 87% of face value. That would be a nice way to increase the value of Discover Cash. Additionally, you could get eGift cards and wait for a nice portal bonus like yesterday’s Alaska 15X bonus.


This isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but for those of you looking to cash out Discover Cash and/or people who love to shop at Nike this is a good deal. Add in 15X (if it comes back) and you have a very good savings.

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  1. This is very nice. Just bought my first nike shoes last weekend. Never liked the style before then.

    Any idea how often these Discover redemption deals come around?

    • Doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason. If you’re looking to buy and flip then Staples $5 off $25 cards have been around for a long, long time. This was a bit better though because of the margins.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Had a few hundred left in Discover CB. Bought and flipped it to a GC site in less than 15 minutes and pocketed $40+ and didn’t have to offset any purchases (balance at $0).


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