Discover Extends a Thrilling Partnership!


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Discover Six Flags Partnership

Discover Six Flags Partnership

People who are new readers to the site may not know this, but I love everything roller coaster and amusement park related. I have been on almost 1,000 different roller coasters spread across 30 countries. Whenever topics I cover on this blog crossover to that world, I get excited.

Underrated Credit Cards

Discover Six Flags Partnership

A couple of weeks ago Doctor of Credit asked over 30 bloggers including myself to state what they felt was the most underrated credit card. While I actually provided two answers, one of them was the Discover It card.

Before I go any further, this post isn’t concocted to sell you a Discover credit card. I just noticed that Discover and Six Flags extended their partnership through 2015 and wanted to share that information!

The Partership

Discover Six Flags Partnership

If you didn’t know, back in 2012 Discover and Six Flags extended a multi-year partnership deal. Unfortunately they never publicized when that would end and all language on the Discover site indicated that the benefits would end on December 31, 2014.

Fortunately I just noticed that the dates have been extended through the end of 2015. The benefits Discover cardholders get are: 5% cashback, a dedicated cardholder entrance and exclusive ride time. While the 5% back is nice, I have used the dedicated entrance many times to get into the park quickly at opening.

You Must Register To Get 5% Back

Discover Six Flags Partnership

One of the things I don’t like about the 5% back offer, is that you need to register for it. While I wish it was automatic, you can register in about 30 seconds at

Best Offer

Back in November, Discover had a $150 cashback offer if you signed up for the card. Unfortunately that offer has gone away and currently the best offer (non-affiliate) gives a $100 Amazon credit after first purchase.

In general I recommend waiting for the higher $150 cashback offer, although they are paying 5% this quarter at gas stations which may be of use to some.


I think the Discover/Six Flags partnership is a great thing. While I would have the card whether or not they partnered with Six Flags, it was nice to save 5% on my 2015 season pass and I plan to use it to skip lines when I visit some of the parks this summer.

Did you know that Six Flags & Discover were partners? Have you ever used this benefit at one of the parks? Let me know!

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  1. What is the “exclusive ride time” benefit?

    Very tempting to buy a pass or membership, the way they price them – but I guess that’s why they price them that way! Especially since the passes are good at most of the Six Flags parks throughout the country (with the exceptions appearing to be mostly some of the water parks). Looks like the break-even for paying for a pass is going twice per year (what a great deal for people who live close by – which, unfortunately, is not me!). My family (especially me!) love theme parks and roller coasters, but it’s tough to be certain we’d use it twice this year. So I guess I’ll just have to make a mental note of this info … and look forward to using it in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future.

    Which are your favorite Six Flags (that can be used with the pass)? Like the one in the Bay Area?

    • Three days during the year, they close the park and only allow season passholders and Discover cardmembers to ride. The dates are on their site. If you already have a season pass it is included, so I don’t consider that to be a huge benefit. For me, the 5% off and skipping the entry lines are decent.

      I love Discover Kingdom in the Bay Area. I also really like Great America in Chicago and Great Adventure in New Jersey.

      • I’m jealous of anyone who lives close enough to a Six Flags to really take advantage of a pass. I look forward to checking out DK in Bay Area next time I’m there with the family.

  2. My family used this benefit last fall during fright fest. Our closest Six Flags (about 1 hr. away) had a great buy one get one deal on fast passes and a really good deal on annual passes. All of this went on my Discover It. The 5% cash back was a nice bonus.


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