1. I’m fairly new at this so these kinds of posts are really helpful. It helps me to be able to see the big picture. Please keep them coming.

  2. While the Disney Savings Account may not be the best for manufactured spend, you can use it to get significant savings on a trip to Disney World. Anyone who has tried to buy park tickets and merchandise or food in the parks knows how expensive they can be.

  3. Unlike most of you, I’m not trying to meet any minimum spend requirements, because I haven’t had any offers just yet. I’ve been busy rebuilding my credit score. I have a Chase Freedom card with only a $2200 credit limit, and I’m trying to show lots of activity by spending and paying in full, hoping that Chase will boost my limit and/or send me some good offers. I’m thinking about making monthly deposits of, say, $500 into a Disney account, using my Chase card. Then, in about seven or eight months, ask for a refund from Disney. Can anybody point out any pitfalls in doing this? I dont mind floating around 3K to do this.

  4. Really interesting post! Would like to see more like this! Of course, it will be better if you or any of your readers has tested it out and share with us the first hand experience. 🙂

  5. here is the answer Jake. I often close cards as I churn them. Once in a while I will return something to the store with a receipt long after I have closed a card. The store does not give a darn that I closed the account. They run it through on the old closed number or give me a store credit. Usually I let them run it through on the old number and it will show up as a credit on a dead/closed account. Then I call the bank that issued the closed card and explain that I have a credit on a dead and closed account and they arrange to have a check sent to me to clear the account. I have never done this as a manufactured spend and all have been legit, but that is the way it has been handled.

    • Thanks Jeff, that’s good to know. That just made me realize that even though I have been churning for almost 3 years I haven’t been in that situation. Yet.
      I’m glad there is a reasonable process though.
      Any data points on which banks were easiest to deal with or who you had to jump through extra hoops for those checks?

      I don’t think I’d do it as a MS strategy. But it definitely is a totally different way to do things.

  6. I wonder how they handle refunds if the card you funded from is no longer active (say you closed the account or even if the number was changed because of a lost or stolen card..)

  7. What if you cancelled your credit card (or it was stolen) you used to make the payment, would they put the refund on another card ? or give the refund by other means?

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