Who Knew? Don’t Skinny Dip In Venice Canals Or Pay Dearly!


Who Knew? Don’t Skinny Dip In Venice Canals Or Pay Dearly!

In dumbest tourist story of the week I bring you skinny dipping in the Venice canals.  According to Fox News two male tourists from the Czech Republic decided to cool off au natural.  The two men are soccer fans and were in town supporting the Slavia Prague soccer team.  That is when they decided to give others around them a show by dipping their toe and then everything else into the water near the Piazza San Marco Monday evening.

What Does Swimming Nude in Venice Cost You?

Once the police fished the men out of the water and got them to cover up their rude bits they took them to the station for processing.  It was there that the Czech tourists were hit with a $3,320 fine for obscene acts. I am sure the amount was more than the two men had envisioned when pulling the stunt.

Over Tourism in Venice

This goes to a growing trend that you are seeing across Europe really.  Over-tourism is becoming a real problem and the visitors are becoming more and more rowdy.  Venice limited eating food on the streets because of issues with cleanliness and Amsterdam removed their popular sign to discourage tourism.  With all of these low airfares we are seeing across the world I think the issue will only continue to spread and grow.

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t know before reading this you know it now, skinny dipping in Venice is not a good idea 🤣. Unless you feel like lighting several thousand dollars on fire and probably getting a lifetime ban from the city.

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    • I think they are just over tourists at this point and looking for any reason to take it out on them. I figured there would be a fine but not that high.

  1. LMAO. I read his because I thought you could get a deadly infection by skinny dipping there. Didn’t expect they’d get fined.


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