Dunkin’ Donuts Great Deal – Free Beverage & Free $5 Gift Card Returns!

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Dunkin Donuts Great Deal

Dunkin Donuts Great Deal

Dunkin Donuts is running a promotion offering a free $5 gift card and a beverage for enrolling in their DD Perks promotion. They ran this same promotion last month and it was very popular among my readers, because of the ~$10 value and how easy it is to get.

How To Get the Deal

To start, you will require a current Dunkin’ Donuts gift card . If you don’t have one, then you can purchase a $2 gift card in the app. (It will be worth it.)

Dunkin Donuts Great Deal
Enter the code BONUS when signing up for DD Perks.

Here are the steps to get your DD Perks bonus offer:

  • Go to Google Play or iTunes to download the Dunkin Donuts App
  • Once in the app click to sign-up or enroll in DD Perks
  • Add your existing gift card or purchase one for $2.
  • Once your gift card is linked or purchased, you can enroll in DD Perks. Make sure to enter the promo code BONUS
  • You will receive the $2 card you purchased (if applicable) and a $5 bonus DD gift card with promo code. You also get a free beverage which comes via email.


Dunkin Donuts Great Deal
You get a free beverage in addition to a free $5 gift card.

This is a free and easy way to get $5 plus a free beverage. (Or $7 plus a free beverage for $2.) It only takes about 1 minute to complete. The $5 bonus card won’t show up right away. In my experience it takes about 10 minutes to show in your DD Perks account. Enjoy!

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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but does the additional $5 reflect on the physical gift card as well? I don’t use my phone for this type of program, but will if I have to. Seems like it will be on the GC also.


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