Is It Now Possible To Earn 3 Brand Explorer Free Nights From Hyatt?

Earn 3 Brand Explorer Free Nights From Hyatt
Use your category 1-4 free night cert in the Florida Keys

Is It Now Possible To Earn 3 Brand Explorer Free Nights From Hyatt?


One of the cooler perks of the World of Hyatt program is the brand explorer perk.  Every time you stay at a different brand you check them off your list.  For every fifth brand you stay at you get a category 1-4 free night certificate. And a few years back Hyatt changed the rules that award stays counted towards this perk. That was a game changer for me since I rarely pay for travel.

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Brand Explorer Perk Expansion

Up until recently Hyatt only had 13 brands listed for the explorer perk so it was only possible to earn 2 free nights.  But they have been adding additional brands right and left via partnerships.  I didn’t think that these would be added to the explorer perk program but when I was poking around my account last night I noticed that these brands have been added to the lineup:

  • Alila
  • Destination
  • Thompson
  • Joie de Vivre

I am a little surprised to not see SLH on there but maybe they have a different set up with World of Hyatt.  These four additional brands bring the total listed on the explorer perk up to 17.  Does that mean that it is now possible to get 3 category 1-4 free nights?  Reader UA2 points out that there are still only 2 trophies so it may just be more options but still only 2 free nights can be earned.  I am waiting to hear from Hyatt on it.

This has now been confirmed that it will be possible to earn 3 nights from the Brand Explorer perk.

Possible Stacking For The Third Night

Hyatt has launched a separate promo for the 4 new hotels added above. If you stay at all 4 before December 31st you will earn a category 1-4 free night certificate.  These should also stack and count towards the Brand Explorer perk.  So it could be possible to earn 3 free night certs if you include those 4 brands in your quest for 10 brands and complete the stays this year.


I love the small wins that programs offer for long term loyalty, like the explorer perk .  This will lead me to choose one brand over another in a city, if the pricing is the same, just to check it off my list.  Once I am finished with my account I will move over to my wife’s account and start racking up her free nights too.  It is nice to see the explorer perk program expanding and more opportunity be offered to Hyatt members to rack up some free travel.

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  1. Are you sure? There are only two trophies shown on the page. Not sure during a third set of five would work unless that part hasn’t been updated.

  2. It’s great that award stays count for this perk. Do you know if using a 1-4 Free Night (as opposed to redeeming points) counts as well? I realized Hyatt distingueshes between these awards. For example, I was not able to use my Explorist Club Upgrade on a 1-4 Free Night reservation.

    • Yeah not allowing the upgrades to attach is a very weird rule. I want to say they do but I don’t know for sure. I will ask the Hyatt rep when she responds to the other stuff and let you know for sure.

  3. Hey Mark
    Just wondering – when you contact Hyatt, or any other company you write about, do you let them know you write a blog? or do you have specific contact people who already know you? or do you try to remain anonymous?

    Just curious, thanks!

    • A mix of everything. Some I reach out to with my personal twitter for questions. Others we have contacts for people that will send us promo information for the programs etc. so I just ask them. I find they usually are more in the know of the programs versus the twitter reps etc.

  4. Mark, Hyatt does not own SLH- it’s a partnership like MGM Vegas. They bought Thompson brands and are keeping their separate brand identities. That’s why/how SLH differs


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