FINAL DAY for Ebates Double In Store Cashback – What Has Been Working So Far?


Ebates Double In Store Cashback

Final Day for Ebates Double In Store Cashback

Miles to Memories broke the news this past week that Ebates was offering in store cash back for the weekend.  Well according to the terms in their email it ends today at 11:59pm PT.  That means you still have one more day if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet or you want to get a few more rounds in.

You can get all of the details on the original article here!

What Has Been Working

According to data points in our Facebook Group and comments on the original article we have a better idea of what has been working.  When the deal came out we focused on the Office Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond offers.

Office Depot

So far it looks like Office Depot purchases are triggering the Ebates email 40-50% of the time.  Some people get it every time and others not at all.  I personally did not get one the first day but got one the second day.  I have no idea what is causing them to track some times and not others.

Also even when getting the emails the cash back has not posted to people’s accounts yet.  That is not that strange but we are still not 100% if they will honor them or not.  Since they technically don’t have to if they are gift card purchases, even though they have in the past.

I would say if you were going to make some gift card purchases there anyways you should go for it.  But with the current data points I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Bed Bath & Beyond

As far as I can tell this is batting 100% on purchases.  People have also reported seeing the credits post on their accounts already.  It is still not 100% sure if they will get paid when it is all said and done but I feel pretty confident that they will.

While not as lucrative as 5X Ultimate Rewards and 6% back but it looks like the safer play.  You are still able to get Visa gift cards at a negative cost if a store near you sells them.  Make sure to use a card that earns a good rate on non bonus spend like the Capital One Venture card.


If you missed out on this deal this weekend or just want to rack up a few more points you should still have a chance on Monday.  Bed Bath & Beyond may be the best option at this point.

Good luck and have a great week!

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  1. Geez, now ebates has sent an email for 10% cb at staples (online) for small business week. I don’t have any experience with ebates and online ordering of gc from staples, but there you go.

  2. My OD purchase included gift cards and office supplies and I did not receive an email and the shopping trip did not post to my ebates account. I have an email out to them.


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