$15 off $100 of Select Gift Cards on eBay (Potential Moneymaker!)


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ebay 15 off 100 gift cards

$15 Off $100 on Select Gift Cards

Paypal Digital Gifts and eBay sent out a targeted offer giving $15 off $100 or more for select merchant gift cards. I received this offer personally, but have confirmed it works for everyone. (Note: The deal died for awhile after I broke it as a Quick Deal, but it has returned. I’m not sure how long it will last.)

The discount applies to the following merchants and is taken off instantly in your cart:

  • Domino’s
  • CVS
  • Xbox
  • Nexon Karma Koin
  • Sony Playstation
  • Facebook
  • BJ’s Restaurant
  • Cabela’s
  • Southwest
  • Burger King
  • Sports Authority
  • Dave & Busters
  • TGI Friday’s
  • SpaFinder Wellness
  • Skype
  • Legal Sea Foods
  • Chocomize
  • Fatboy USA
  • Golfsmith
  • Best Buy

Best Buy Example

ebay 15 off 100 gift cards
I quickly bought and sold Best Buy cards, but you could use them for a nice discount.

Most of those cards are good to buy to use yourself, but Best Buy is pretty valuable since their gift cards are rarely discounted. For example, SaveYa will purchase Best Buy digital codes for 88% or you could just use this for 15% off of electronics.

Since you can only purchase $100 of each type of card per account, my wife and I both went ahead and purchased $100 in Best Buy gift cards and sold them digitally to SaveYa. Not the biggest profit overall, but it was fairly simple and it helped me burn some eBay Bucks and a coupon I had lying around that I received as a bonus for selling. Total time invested: 5 minutes.

Also, remember that purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts also generally earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points when you use a Chase Ink, so that may be something to consider. I don’t have any recent data points (within the past few weeks) to confirm if that is still working or not.

Direct Link (No Portals)

This was a targeted offer that I received myself and thus I do not believe you can reach it through a portal. I was able to insert my referral link into it, but don’t want to force that on you. I will include both the direct link and the referral link below. Either one will get you the same offer. One just pays the site a small commission. (If anyone figures out how to get this to work with a portal let me know so I can update this post!)

Update: @Mileswhip points out that you can get this deal through a portal. Go through a portal (Top Cashback is paying 1.21% which I believe is the highest) and then search for the card. For example, for Cabela’s it would be “$50 Cabela’s Gift Card – Email Delivery” When you click on the card you should see the deal.


I think many of you will be able to find a card or two that will make sense to you. The timing of this deal is great with the eBay Bucks expiration date coming upon us. I only bought Best Buy for now, but may purchase some CVS and/or Southwest gift cards before the deal dies again.

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  1. I received a mc999 notice a few months ago. Do you think if I do this on both my accounts (wife and me) it’ll be an issue?

      • I wasn’t targeted but your link worked for me. Bought two $50 Best Buy gift cards and received the $15 discount. Decisions decisions.

      • Especially considering if you have a Discover card enrolled in the double cash back you can buy ebay gift cards at Lowe’s and use those to feed the beast.

        There’s quite a few ways to buy ebay gift cards right now at a discount so you shouldn’t be shy about using them at every opportunity possible. In the right circumstances it’s wise to do it at a loss too, such as when cash back portals are high and the net result is a positive return that you deem to be worth your time.

        Burn, don’t churn!

        • That is a critical point. Worth repeating again. If you have a DISCOVER CARD – USE IT.

          Discover 5% Cashback Bonus this quarter – Home Improvement Stores, Department Stores, and at Amazon.com

          Buy eBay Gift Cards at Home Improv or Dept Stores via Discover first and/or go through a portal (Top Cashback)

  2. Shawn, you have been on fire the past few days! Thanks for all the great posts on amazon prime day, Amex checkout and ebay deals!

  3. I added the cards into cart and then reopened ebay via a portal. It should carry over to the new window.

    I started an account on Saveya and the associate/agent on the phone recognized your blog name. Spoke somewhat highly of you. I’m excited to start selling and maybe pay off a few loans in the process once it gets going!

  4. Is the old deal Hyatt $200 for $175 still active? I think it is and its also $15 off, but you have to spend $175. 15% off Best Buy is much better if you have use for it.


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