New Targeted eBay Coupons – I got a free $70! Stacks with Discounted eBay Gift Cards

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ebay coupon targeted

Lucrative eBay Coupons

So over the past couple of days you probably have picked up a few cheap eBay gift cards. Between yesterday’s 20% off sale and today’s Gyft eBay gift card deal, it makes sense to buy them considering they can be used for just about anything.

Cheap gift cards aren’t the only treat that eBay has in store. Yesterday when going through my account, I was surprised to find a $70 off coupon. Then later in the day I received an email from Shannon who received an $89 coupon, so I know multiple people are receiving them.

How to Check Your Account

ebay coupon targeted

While the coupon will sometimes show when browsing items on eBay, the best way to find it is in your “My eBay” section. Once in “My eBay” navigate down below your purchases. If you have a coupon it will show up as shown above and if not then no coupons section will appear.


My coupon links to a generic set of conditions that doesn’t specifically say what is excluded. Instead, it says my coupon will list exclusions. (Which it does not.) In the past similar coupons have worked on gift cards and just about anything else, so I am assuming that is the case here. I’ll wait for a good deal to find out.


With all of eBay’s deals lately, I am quickly becoming a fan. If they want to send me $70 for no reason then who am I to say no? Did you receive a similar coupon in your account? Have you received one in the past? Let me know in the comments and perhaps we can figure out why some people are being targeted.


  1. No coupon for me but I did just get a 10% off on a purchase of up to $1000 last month that I took advantage of, so I may not have been targeted for this one.


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