eBay Gift Card Deals: CVS, Kmart, iTunes & More + 8% in eBay Bucks



eBay Gift Card Deal Analysis

While eBay has now implemented limits on the use of their own gift cards, it doesn’t mean that there still isn’t opportunity on their site. Today they have targeted members with a 4X (8%) eBay Bucks promotion. When combining the eBay Bucks promotion, portal cashback, and credit card rewards, there are a few good deals on gift cards. You can even pay for these cards with eBay gift cards if you are within the limits. Let’s take a look.

$50 KMART Gift Card for only $44 – Limit 5


With the eBay Bucks promotion and portal cashback you end up paying just less than 80% of face value for these cards. Considering they can be sold for 83% of their value, this is a profitable opportunity, albeit a narrow one. Kmart cards are also good at Sears and I like to use them when purchasing free after points deals. I plan to purchase these to use instead of sell, but I will use them relatively quickly since Sears/Kmart isn’t the healthiest company.

$100 CVS Gift Card For Only $90 – Limit 3


This is another gift card deal that isn’t going to be great for resale. Between the eBay Bucks and portal cashback you achieve nearly a 20% discount, which is hard to come by anywhere else for CVS gift cards. I buy these cards for personal use and also stockpile few for their clearance deals. There are some resale opportunities and starting at 20% off is nice.

$50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card For Only $46 – Limit 5


Unfortunately the resale market for BN gift cards isn’t great, but this is a good deal if you regularly shop there. Why? Because BN gift cards have been in short supply lately and because 16.5% off face value is better than you will get anywhere else. Keep in mind this company isn’t in the best financial health so I wouldn’t stockpile these for too long.

$100 iTunes Code for only $85 – Limit 3


These cards are sold by PayPal Digital Gifts and thus will earn 5X Ultimate Rewards if you pay with a Chase Ink card through PayPal. Add in 1.25% portal cashback and 8% in eBay Bucks and you can achieve close to a 30% discount on these cards. Unfortunately the resale market isn’t great, but that is still a good discount if you use iTunes.

Other Deals

There are a few other gift card deals including some pre-owned cards for sale. I generally wouldn’t recommend buying those unless you have immediate use and I would never recommend buying a pre-owned card to sell to a gift card reseller. Too much can and will go wrong.


I personally will be buying a couple of these deals and use the cards for reselling purposes. If you are looking to dip your toes into gift card reselling the Kmart deal could be one to try out, although the margins aren’t great. Either way, there is some opportunity today on eBay with these gift card deals and other sales. Happy shopping!

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  1. I got the promotional email but when I click on any of these gift cards, it’s still giving me the 2% eBay Bucks instead of the 8%. Is this happening to anyone else? I tried other products in the eBay email and those seem to get 8% targetted for them.


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