I Just Found $149.38 in Unused eBay Gift Cards & How to Check If You Have Any!


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ebay gift card balances

Find Old Unused eBay Gift Cards

In the past week eBay made a major change to their rules regarding redeeming eBay gift cards. You used to be limited to $5,000 in gift cards per rolling six month period, however now there is no monetary limit other than $1,000 and/or eight cards per transaction. With these new rules I have no doubt that many of you will be using a lot of cards.

Unfortunately the eBay system is not without errors and sometimes purchases don’t go through and cards are not deducted. I personally keep good track of these things, but sometimes it just isn’t easy. Have you ever wondered if you have an eBay gift card that still has a balance? Fortunately there is a way to see the balance of every eBay gift card used on your account.

By using this method, I actually found a total of $149.38 in unused gift cards between my family’s two accounts.

ebay gift card balances

ebay gift card balances


While it isn’t clear if this link will work with eBay gift cards going forward (due to the recent changes and the separation of eBay and PayPal) it should work on all previously used cards.

To find your unused eBay gift card balances, simply check this link and sign-in to your account. Easy huh? Did you find any unused balances?

Thanks to Doctor of Credit for the awesome info and link!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks! Found $ I didn’t know I had. How do we go about redeeming it? Simply input the number? I was thinking it would automatically default to utilize any remaining balance. Ty again

  2. I don’t see any gift cards at all – used or unused like you’re seeing – and I’ve used thousands worth since last year.

  3. It has been covered on other blogs but bears repeating here, this will only show cards before the recent switch. I confirmed that all my recently activated cards do not show up on these lists (Nor do they appear on the mobile app anymore). There is a balance checker on Ebay, which I believe is new. It isn’t as nice as the Paypal list, but it is more convenient than checking out to see what’s left on a card/code!

    • Since the switchover to the new cards just happened, this is a good time to check and move on with the new system. I agree that a balance checker is a welcome new feature, but having this list is convenient for long term checking. Thanks Dave!

  4. $12.95 – very happy. I always keep my stack of used gc’s and then after a couple of months I go through them and inevitably, I always find money on them. And yes, I still had the ebay cards with cash on them.

    • I have a huge drawer with redeemed gift cards of every kind. (Should really digitize everything.) The goal is to go through them at some point. I should probably pay my son to do it and give him a commission on everything he finds!

      • I have a spreadsheet of every gift card number I have ever used and anything used for organic spend is entered into quicken. GC resales – I run it like a business and keep records just in case – the number, who I sold them to, when, etc. GC for MS… they too are entered into the spreadsheet.

        When I go through them, I pretty much just hit the organic spend cards. It might seem a bit OCD but it has helped me with any type of return I may have and helps me locate “lost transaction” money easily. The MS and billpay gift cards haven’t recovered any lost funds – yet.

        Before throwing them out after about a year, I just go down the list and type in the number, expiry date and pin that are on my spreadsheet to make sure there isn’t anything left on them and then they go to plastic recycle.


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