eBay Gift Card Deals: Some Profit + 5X Points on Select Cards (Not as good as Before)



eBay Gift Card Deals

I spoke about reselling this past weekend at the Chicago Seminars and briefly discussed gift cards. While I still think gift card reselling isn’t the best use of time for most people, I also suggest learning about it so you can jump on deals when they arise. Right now, there are several good deals on eBay.

Gift Card Deal Roundup

PayPal Digital Gifts has a number of gift cards on sale today. Purchasing these cards should generate 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink card.

  • Get a $60 ThinkGeek Gift Card for only $50 – Limit 5
  • Buy a $50 Sephora Gift Card and get a $10 bonus code – Limit 5
  • Buy a $50 Toys R Us Gift Card for only $40 – Limit 5
  • Buy a $50 Overstock.com Gift Card & receive a bonus $10 – Limit 5
  • Buy a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card & get a bonus $15 Code – Limit 5
  • Get a $50 JcPenney Gift Card for only $40 – Limit 5

You can find all of the discounted gift cards here.

Not As Good As Before

In the past, you would be able to also earn portal cashback and eBay Bucks while purchasing gift cards. Unfortunately those avenues have dried up. Most portals no longer pay out in the gift cards category and eBay Bucks are no longer earned when purchasing them.

Selling the Cards

According to Gift Card Wiki many of these cards are about breakeven if you can sell them. I personally have a bulk relationship with a company who buys all of the above cards (except JCPenney) for slightly more than my cost. So I will sell them online, make a few dollars and more importantly earn a decent chunk of points. Even if you don’t have a bulk relationship with a company, there is still some opportunity, but defintiely not as much as before the recent eBay changes.

Security Verification Loop

Unfortunately PayPal is being PayPal with these deals and I was required to verify my account four times by text and phone before being allowed to complete the purchase. If you run into this, then keep trying and it should eventually go through. It is a frustration, but it only added about 2 minutes to the purchase process.


I personally bought every deal mentioned above with the exception of the JCPenney one, although I think 20% off is better than you will get anywhere else these days. While it hurts that these deals aren’t quite as good as before, I’m glad that there is still some opportunity.

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  1. How did you buy them all already without encountering 100 verifications and then being cut off from orders for 24 hours? Unless those limits have changed from my experience (can get through roughly $400-500 in per rolling 24h).

    • I believe the limits have changed, but nothing makes sense with PayPal. I purchased the Lowe’s and Toys R Us cards in one transaction and the other 3 in a second transaction about an hour later. All on the same account.

      • Nice, worked for me too! When did you notice the limits change for yourself, around Oct 1st or 13? Silver lining of those negative changes could be loosening of the internal PPDG limits. Resale is less profitable but potentially less painful to place the orders.

  2. Your seller is accepting digital Toys r us? I’m a bulk seller myself but mine requires physical, so it might wipe out whatever small profit I make.

    Are you running close the limit of 5x on your Inks? Though I realize you might have more than one Ink+.


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