eBay Gift Card Deals: A Little Profit & Up to 7,875 Ultimate Rewards for Some


ebay gift card deals

eBay Gift Card Deals

A number of discounted gift cards have made their way to eBay today including several good deals from the company I love to hate PayPal Digital Gifts. Let’s take a look.

Gift Card Deal Roundup

PayPal Digital Gifts has a number of gift cards on sale today. Purchasing these cards should generate 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink Plus/Cash card through PayPal.

  • Get a $100 Toys”R”Us Gift Card for only $85 – Limit 5
  • Get a $150 Lowe’s Gift Card for only $130 – Limit 5
  • Get a $100 Overstock.com Gift Card & get a bonus $20 – Limit 5

Additionally SVM Gift Cards has $50 Cabela’s gift cards for $40. Note that purchases from SVM do not earn 5X.

You can find all of the discounted gift cards here.

Not As Good As Before

In the past, you would be able to also earn portal cashback and eBay Bucks while purchasing gift cards. Unfortunately those avenues have dried up. Some no longer pay out in the gift cards category and eBay Bucks are no longer earned when purchasing them.

For more information, see: eBay Gift Card Policy Primer: An Easy Guide to eBay’s New Rules

Selling the Cards

According to Gift Card Wiki you should be able to do alright on the Lowe’s, Overstock and Toys ‘R Us cards. Those with bulk relationships should also be able to sell these for more than you pay and keep the points. If you are new to reselling gift cards then start at Gift Card Wiki and poke around.

Security Verification Loop

Unfortunately PayPal is being PayPal with these deals and I tried to purchase them, but after going through 8 security verifications (yes 8!) I received the following:

ebay gift card deals

Like I said, love/hate. More hate right now than love.


Like I said, I personally tried to buy the Lowe’s, Toys ‘R Us and Overstock deals, but got robbed by the verification issues. I may try again, because I hate myself (not really) and because 7,875 Ultimate Rewards points and a couple of bucks are probably worth it. Hopefully you all don’t have the same issues as me and it goes smoothly! Happy buying.

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  1. Many buyers not buying Lowes at present:
    We’re sorry, but we are not accepting listings or direct sales of Lowe’s gift cards at this time.
    Try searching again here.
    In Partnership with Gift Card Granny – See if anyone else is accepting Lowe’s gift cards.

    • @Matt: Just keep trying continuously and it should work. Getting very annoyed here as well.

      On a side note, you might want to hold off. I bought the Overstock GCs and just noticed that Paypal shows this transaction as “PAYPAL *DGSEBAYUS” so I’m not sure if that still earns 5x on the Chase Ink card for those who are counting on those extra points. Does anyone know if this still earns 5x points?

      • @Kevin: it won’t even go to the verification page anymore, no more texts/calls, just says “We’re unable to verify your identity, return to merchant”

        • I did have an issue at first where it just brought me to my main Paypal account summary page. After adding the GCs to my eBay cart again, I went through the entire process of verifying and logging in several times and eventually did work. Probably try again later then or attempt it again if it was only your first attempt. They are going overboard with this verification thing.

  2. I can’t even get past that first part of the “loop.” I do the text option, get verified, and when trying to log back in I’m met with the same verification option. It wouldn’t even allow me to the next step of choosing my payment option. Usually I get half way around the board before being sent to jail. Now I’m just standing on GO, landing on chance, and going to jail before I even pass it. Oh PayPal, how you suck.

    Want irony though? Here’s something new, on the log in page directly following a verification:

    New. Faster. Easier.
    Welcome to the new PayPal checkout!
    The security you rely on – now even faster.
    It’s everything checkout should be.

  3. LOL… I literally bought the last Overstock.com giftcard.

    I had 5 in my cart and was ready to check out before getting bombarded with verification loops. What I don’t get is is why don’t they just ask us the questions instead stating sometimes we’ll ask. I got all the messages that y’all experienced so I called in and talked to a rep. She said it was a verify identity thing, asked the questions and told me to go back to my cart… where Ebay spared me 1.

    At least there’s no loop this time, but I lost time from Lowes and Overstock.

    The only good thing about the loops are it keeps the sale from dying so quickly. Everything else is relatively annoying.


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