Get a Free Night in Vegas, A Huge Change in eBay Gift Card Policy & More!


HUGE Amex Platinum 100K Bonus Returns - Check now to see if you are targeted.

Free Night In Vegas

ebay gift card limits

The South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is running a giveaway where you can win free nights and tickets to the 2017 NASCAR race. What is interesting is that the giveaway has the following language:

Contestants who provide a valid and unique email address will receive one free room night from the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa by email on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.

It appears if you enter the contest that you will get a free night at the South Point. There are some black out dates and the free night is only good on Sundays-Thursdays from 5/30/16 – 9/8/2016, but free is free. You can enter the contest and find the full terms here. Sign-ups stop at midnight tonight so act fast!

HT: PDX Deals Guy

AAdvantage Executive Platinum $25 Uber Credit

ebay gift card limits

If you are an American Airlines Executive Platinum member check your inbox because you should have your $25 free Uber credit. The credit comes in the form of a code that can be used any time between now and December 31, 2016 for a free ride up to $25.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Amex Offers

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American Express has released two new targeted offer for BJ’s Wholesale Club. Here are the basics:

  • Offer 1: Get 50% off a new BJ’s Membership and a $25 gift card for new members. Expires 8/31/2016
  • Offer 2: Spend $100 or more at BJ’s and get 5% back on up to $2,000 in total purchases. Expires 8/31/2016

As you can see, offer 1 basically gives you a free membership. Membership normally costs $50 so you get it for $25 plus receive a $25 gift card. Sounds good to me, but unfortunately there aren’t any BJ’s in my area.

How to Load: These offers are targeted and are only available on the Amex website for select cards.

5% Back: If you shop at BJ’s often the 5% back is nice, although the Chase Freedom announced today that warehouse clubs such as BJ’s will be included on that card for the 2nd quarter. Since these Amex Offers expire in August, I would use my Chase Freedom until the end of June and then the Amex card.

HT: Danny the Deal Guru

Huge eBay Gift Card Development

ebay gift card limits

This morning I wrote a bit about the latest developments with purchasing gift cards on eBay. Since I wrote that post things have changed a bit so I would refer back to it for the latest details regarding limits and more. With that said, there is another change to report regarding eBay gift cards and it is a good one.

Doctor of Credit is reporting that eBay has eliminated the cap on USING eBay gift cards. Previously the use of eBay gift cards was limited to $5K per account per rolling six month period. Apparently that $5K limit has been eliminated. Now the only limits are no more than 8 gift cards use with a limit of $1K total per eBay purchase.

This is of course good news since you can purchase eBay gift cards at a discount. Off the top of my head here are some ways:

  • 5X Ultimate Rewards when buying eBay gift cards from Gyft and paying with a Chase Ink through PayPal.
  • 5% off eBay gift cards online if you have a Targer REDcard.
  • Grocery stores often run discounts and fuel points promotions for eBay gift cards.
  • Online resellers often sell eBay gift cards at a discount.

Without a limit, you should be able to eek out a couple of percentage points more in savings.

Have a great evening!

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  1. Hey Shawn I’m confused. How can you collect 5x @ URewards with Gyft? Is it coded as Office Supply? And why do you have to use IPlus card through Paypal? Paypal doesn’t give 5x. Think I’m missing something here. Thanks

  2. Just as a point of reference, I was trying to sell some gift cards to Saveya recently and was notified that my account had been shut down. I had sold maybe $1,000 of gift cards to them in the past year. Probably purchased $500, various cards bought and sold such as Target, Sears, etc. No idea why it was shut down, but got a clue via email. They said it was something about compliance, which suggested to me they are under regulatory pressure in regards to money laundering. Its too bad that you can’t get on the ‘good’ list, because obviously the vast majority of people that frequent this site are shooting straight and not criminals.

    • I have a bulk account which means they have all of my information already. Perhaps they are cracking down on normal accounts. They are also owned by a big company so not being in compliance most likely will hurt them. That is too bad as you say since most people probably don’t sell enough to qualify as bulk, but are doing honest things.

    • I tried to BUY cards from them, was told order canceled and no reason they could “tell me”, because you know, security.

      I was also told from cardcash and abcgc I can not BUY, but they will let me SELL to them.. I don’t get these companies.

  3. This is all GREAT news if Ebay and / or PayPal will ever get their checkout problems fixed. It would appear it is related to giftcards but the blame game never stops. In the end your profits can be eliminated with the 1+ hour checkout process on the phone calls to India. Am I the only one still having these problems for 3 plus weeks?

    • I totally agree. These issues are terrible and seemingly are getting worse. Some people seem to escape the problems, but for most it is a huge hassle right now. I do hope they fix their issues soon.


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