Up to 25%+ Off Kmart Gift Cards on eBay: Stack Deals, Earn 5X (Many Opportunities)

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ebay kmart gift card deal

Kmart Gift Card Deal

eBay currently has a very good Kmart gift card deal that is good for either reselling or simply shopping at either Kmart or Sears. The discount also stacks with a number of deals and promotions to help save even more. Let’s take a look.

The Offer

Note: Sears/Kmart’s parent company is having financial difficulty and it probably isn’t a good idea to hold on to these cards for a long time. Kmart just announced more store closures and it is possible that the entire company could go under at some point.

Reselling Opportunities

If we look at Gift Card Wiki, we can see that these cards can be sold for 83% of their value right now. That seems like a loss on the surface, but actually it isn’t. That is because there are a number of ways to save even more. I purchased five of these cards and earned:

  • 5X Ultimate Rewards points by paying with a Chase Ink card.
  • 8% in eBay Bucks (targeted offer). Non-targeted members earn 2%.

The Math

Let’s look at the “true” cost of the cards. The value of the points earned is subjective, but I’ll use a conservative 1.5 cents per point value for the Ultimate Rewards. I personally value them at a higher level, but like to be conservative in my estimates.

  • Total Cost: $220
  • Ultimate Rewards Earned: 1,100 x 1.5 cents = $16.50
  • 8% in eBay Bucks: $17.60
  • 1.3% cashback: $2.86
  • Final Cost: $183.04

So my final cost after subtracting out those rebates is $183.04. That is a discount of $66.96 or 26.78% off face value. That is good but I sort of look at this another way. There are cash and there are points. Since I am going to hypothetically sell these cards for 83%, what will I have in the end?

The answer is a profit of $7.96 (portal and eBay Bucks) and 1,100 Ultimate Rewards points. A win any way you slice it.

Other eBay Discounted Cards

Whenever there is an eBay Bucks promotion I always look for other deals and there are some other discounted gift cards, although none nearly as good as this one. You can find a full list of discounted gift cards here.


Yes, this is a good deal and I personally will use these cards for purchases that earn a lot of Shop Your Way Rewards back. If you are interested in learning more about stacking Sears/Kmart deals, Frequent Miler has a great resource explaining how to do it. Either way, this is a good deal for many reasons and it is a deal I suspect many of you will benefit from. Happy shopping!



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