eBay’s Huge Labor Day Gift Card Sale Analyzed – Any Good Deals for Reselling?


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ebay labor day gift card sale

eBay’s Labor Day Gift Card Sale

eBay has launched what they are calling their “Labor Day Frenzy” sale with 18 different types of gift cards available. My guess is that this sale will go on for a week, however it is impossible to know. Some of the more popular deals will most likely sell out while others will linger. Today I’ll cover the deals and which ones are potentially interesting.

Full List of Gift Cards

Here are the gift cards on sale sorted by seller:

Paypal Digital Gifts


SVM Gift Cards


Maximize Your Rewards & Rebate

Purchases of these cards should earn 2% in eBay Bucks rewards as long as you are enrolled in the free program. Additionally, you can save from 1-2% by going through a cashback portal. Some portals have different rates or exclusions, so make sure to read the terms before purchasing.

As I have reported in the past, purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts seem to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points with Chase Ink. One strategy some people use it to purchase eBay gift cards through Paypal Digital Gifts and then use them to purchase other cards. This could be a way to earn additional rewards. Note that eBay gift cards can take up to 4 hours to activate, so you risk missing out on one of the more popular deals.

Which Deals are Best?

Now that we know about the deals and how to maximize them, lets look at which deals are best from a reselling perspective. Obviously if you frequent any of the merchants, then you will probably do well by purchasing their gift cards, but only a few are potentially profitable to resell. (And even those aren’t great.)

$100 Conoco gift card for $90

ebay labor day gift card sale

Right now the best price you can get to sell your Conoco gift cards is 87%, but Conoco gift cards are also good at 76 stations and Phillips 66. If selling for 87% you would break even after rewards, however a few companies are purchasing 76 cards at 90%. It isn’t guaranteed to work, however some people had success selling Phillips 66 cards as 76 cards in the past. It might be worth a try.

$50 Cabela’s gift card for $40

ebay labor day gift card sale

You can sell these cards for $38 to several companies, meaning you could about breakeven after factoring in rewards, etc. Not great, but it may be a way to meet spending requirements.

$50 Regal Enterainment gift card for $40

ebay labor day gift card sale

These cards can be sold for $37.50 to Gift Card Zen. Again maybe a break-even proposition, but not really too valuable at all.

$50 Jiffy Lube gift card for $40

ebay labor day gift card sale

You can sell the physical Jiffy Lube cards for about $38 which once again means you won’t really be making any money. All resale values were taken from Gift Card Wiki.

Waiting for More

While the deals I mentioned above are interesting, they aren’t good enough to get me to jump in. I am hoping for an increased eBay Bucks offer of 3X or 4X to put the deals over the top. The only one I would consider outside of one of those promos is the gas cards, however I am still holding off on those for now since there are plenty available.


In most cases the deals above do represent a decent value if you actually frequent the merchants. In a few cases you can purchase gift cards for cheaper, so it is a good idea to check GiftCardWiki to see if the cards are available for purchase elsewhere. For the resellers out there, this sale is sort of a yawn, but an eBay Bucks promotion could change all of that. Crossing my fingers!

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  1. I’ve been buying all sorts of stuff with discounted eBay gift cards to resell, and recently they’ve stopped allowing me from using eBay gift cards to buy anything.

    A little research shows that due to the eBay/PayPal break up one is limited to $5k per 6 months. So everyone be mindful of this.

    • I’m assuming your PayPal is a personal use. You can open a business PayPal account and get the same limits, effectively giving you $10k/6mo. You’re best off verifying your PayPal account as well, seeing as you’ll have lower velocity limits and more likely to be flagged by PayPal for further verification when you try to finalize a purchase.

  2. Hi Shawn;
    Has anyone else had any security problems logging onto your blog? Not always, but about 25% of the time, I will get a message from my Norton Antivirus: A Web attack. Fake scan webpage 16.
    “Databasecomputer.net”;,80. was blocked. etc. etc.

    I value your information, so I click on the link again and get through fine. Just wondering.


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