eBay Gift Card Deals, Reminder to Use eBay Bucks & New Preowned Gift Card Seller on eBay


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ebay preowned gift cards and deals

There are several things going on regarding gift cards on eBay that I thought I would cover today in one post including new discounted cards, the expiration of eBay Bucks and a seller with preowned cards.

eBay Bucks Expire Today

First off, if you earned eBay Bucks in the first quarter and have not yet used them, then do it today. All eBay Bucks expire tonight so don’t leave money on the table. Thankfully eBay Bucks are fairly versatile and can be used to purchase merchant gift cards and even eBay gift cards if you want to save the money to use later.

eBay Gift Card Deals

eBay has a number of gift card deals today, but many of them are the same cards that have been around awhile. There is a new Kohl’s $50 for $60 deal with a limit of 3 that will be of interest to many of you. I used the last of my eBay Bucks to purchase a couple of those.

Outside of Kohl’s there are some gas and other various cards as well. You can find a full list here. Don’t forget to check to see if you have been targeted for 4X eBay Bucks (some people have been today) and use a portal.

Pre-owned Gift Cards

A new seller called Gift Card Outlet is also selling preowned cards on eBay. I am not a huge fan of buying second hand gift cards unless I have an immediate use for them. In my experience fraud is too rampant in this space and I don’t want to get stuck holding a worthless card. If you do buy from them, know that the cards are only guaranteed 100 days.

This is a certified pre-owned plastic gift card. Certified pre-owned gift cards are like regular gift cards and carry a 100 day guarantee. Certified pre-owned plastic gift cards can be used in retail stores or online, just like a regular plastic gift card. These plastic gift cards will be physically mailed to you.

They currently have discounted Home Depot, Best Buy, Nike and AMC gift cards for sale. Some of their discounts are good compared to the competition, but I think I’ll pass.


In conclusion, use your eBay Bucks on discounted gift cards or whatever else you like. Kohl’s cards may be valuable for some of you and be cautious when buying preowned cards since they only carry a 100 day guarantee. Happy shopping.

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  1. Careful on the “certified” preowned cards, they’re essentially the same thing you’d find when searching giftcardwiki.com for any random merchant card one may need. Glad you pointed this out and obviously agree that this is a big no thank you. All discounts equal however, I may honestly go with the one from ebay since sellers value their feedback score.

    Suffice to say, you better be using it quickly and not considering it for resale, which shouldn’t be an issue since the discounts are pretty meager.

  2. “First off, if you earned eBay Bucks in the first quarter and have not yet used them, then do it today”

    Another reason to resent/despise dealing with ebay and the MISERABLE paypal interface. About a month ago, I gave up wasting time trying to do even simple transactions with ebay….. but then forgot that I’d left chunk of change from the few transactions I DID manage to execute before paypal went crazy.

    Be a cold day in….

    ps, thanks for the reminder all the same… bitter as it is. That’ll teach me not to read my email every day. (as if I don’t have a life)


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