20% or more off Southwest Gift Cards & More Deals with Greater Savings than Before!

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ebay southwest gift card

20% Off Southwest Gift Cards & More

The other day I wrote about gift card deals from Sears, Staples and Skype. In that post I said I would be waiting to see if a targeted eBay Bucks offer would come. Thankfully this morning I did receive a 4X eBay Bucks offer which means 8% back on purchases of $100 or more. Since all of those deals are still available, I would check your account if you haven’t purchased them yet. The math is very good with the extra 6%.

$100 Southwest Gift Card for $95 – Limit 3

ebay southwest gift card

During my search this morning I discovered a new deal as well. Paypal Digital Gifts is offering $100 Southwest Airlines gift cards for $95. This is a very good deal when you combine it with all of the promotions available. Let’s take a look:

  • Cost of Card: $95
  • eBay Bucks earned: $7.60
  • 2% through a portal: $1.90
  • 5X Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink: 475

If you value the Ultimate Rewards points at their cash value of 1 cent (which is lower than I personally value them), then your final cost is $80.75. If you value them at 1.5 cents each like me, then your final cost is $78.38. Either way it is a discount of about 20% or more off of face value.


According to Gift Card Wiki, the biggest discount on Southwest gift cards is 4.7% on the secondary market. This deal is of course significantly better. If you are thinking about purchasing for reselling purposes then you may want to think again though. Since this is an e-Gift card it cannot be sold as a physical card. Currently the best rate for e-Gift cards from a reseller is 76% which would mean a loss.


This is a really good deal for people who pay for their Southwest Airlines flights. By purchasing these cards you can lock in 20% savings on up to $300 worth of flight purchases. For the rest of us, it probably isn’t worth doing, but the Sears and Staples deals still make a ton of sense if you were targeted for 4X eBay Bucks!


  1. It looks like they disappeared from gift card wiki, but if you’re a bulk seller with gift card mart, they are buying at 84%

  2. Not to sound too nitpicky but I think the math is a little off. You are paying out $95 for a value of:
    $100 (SW card) + $7.60 (ebay bucks) + $1.90 (portal) + $4.75 (UR) = 114.25.
    95/114.25 * 100= 83.1%
    Don’t mean to dilute the message though. Thanks for the info.

    • I have no issue with your math and logic. When I write these deals I consistently use discount as a percentage of face value, since I think that is the simplest way to relate it to readers and to look at it. Your approach is definitely valid though and I appreciate you sharing it!


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