Everything Old Is New Again – Update on Coming Changes


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The New Miles to Memories

I started blogging on this website back in 2007. Back then the domain was different (familyrtw.com) and the name of the blog was Coomer Family World Adventures which morphed into Family ‘Round the World. I still consider it the same blog since all of the content is still here!

Over the years the blog has had several designs (example 1, example 2) with this most recent version coming online in 2012 before the name change to Miles to Memories. I really like the overall design, but it is showing its age quite a bit.

Thankfully in just a few hours we will be re-launching Miles to Memories 2.0 (or Family ‘Round the World 5.0!) The new design is running on a completely new theme that I feel is both functional and beautiful. Most importantly though it is mobile responsive (it will scale to any device) and it is much faster than the current design.

Open For Business

During the process of the changeover the website will continue to work and function as normal. We aren’t expecting any downtime. Unfortunately in just a few minutes we will be disabling comments to make sure nothing gets lost in the transition. This is just temporary and comments should return within a couple of hours.

I truly can’t thank each and every one of you enough. Miles to Memories continues to set traffic records and I am grateful for every reader and every comment. Once the new site is up, I will not stop working. Over the next few weeks I will be making tweaks and implementing a few new features to help make sure the blog is the useful resource I hope it is. We will also be launching a new logo design very soon as well.

If you see any issues with the new design or have any questions or comments about it (or anything else), feel free to email me at shawn@milestomemories.com! Thanks again for everything and see you on the other side!

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