Top 5 of Feb: AA Playing Games, Gift Card Purgatory, Amex Devaluation & More!


AA Makes Changes to Award levels for Canada and Hawaii

Most Popular Posts of February 2019

Here are our 5 most viewed posts from the previous month.  This only includes articles written and posted in the month of February.  Any expired deals or promos will not be included either.


5. Why Amex Changing The Ameriprise Platinum Offer Is A Huge Blow To Me 

This one still cuts meet deep.  It was such a good offer for those of us who have been doing this for a while.  On the positive side it’s not like Amex would have given me the card anyway.

4. Hong Kong Airlines Wants a Favor from Those Who Grabbed Awesome Mistake Fares

This has to be one of the more ingenious marketing ideas in a while.  It makes you wonder if airlines manufacture these “mistake fares” sometimes just to create buzz 🤨.

3. How I Got Put on an Internet Blacklist for Checking Gift Card Balances

This is horrible,  I hate those captcha verification things to begin with. Buying and selling gift cards is a big part of my points earning so this is something I want to avoid for sure.

2. Southwest Declares Operational Emergency – Alerts Employees

Southwest has been having a backlog of planes down for maintenance and it has caused hundreds of delays and cancellations.  Not only that but they think their maintenance crews are the ones causing it.

1. I Played American Airlines Seat Roulette And It Came Up Double Zero

I find this practice despicable and dishonest really.  And American is not the only airline doing it but they tend to be doing it more often.  At least low cost carriers, like Spirit, are upfront about them trying to get more money out of you for their seats.  I give you a few tips of how to handle it in the article.


Well that does it for February 2019. Let me know in the comments which article you liked best.

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