A (New) Quick & Easy Way to Keep Your Spirit Miles from Expiring & Earn up to 1,500 Free Miles

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free spirit miles extension easy

Easily Extend Your Free Spirit Miles

Spirit has run a couple of promotions over the past few months where it was possible to earn close to 10K Free Spirit miles. I personally earned 8,000 miles for submitting my airline hate (no longer available) and also earned over 1,500 miles from their “Dude, Babe & Bear” quiz. (Still available.)

I have written before about the Spirit Airlines credit card and why it may be a great product for some people. One of the advantages of having the card is it makes it a lot easier to keep your miles from expiring since they go away after only 90 days of inactivity. Unfortunately I don’t have the credit card.

500 Free Miles in 1 Minute & An Easy Extension

free spirit miles extension easy

My chunk of miles is expiring in a couple of weeks and without the credit card, I have limited options. (I really really don’t need any magazines!) Luckily Spirit has launched a new promotion for their dining program that is just what the doctor ordered!

Currently they are offering 500 miles just for signing up for the program plus another 1,000 miles for completing a $30 dine. I am not worried about the extra 1,000 miles, but the 500 mile sign-up bonus should be enough to extend my expiration another 90 days.

What to Do Long Term

Yes I am excited that my expiration will be extended, but I also need to decide what to do. At this point I have 10,000 Free Spirit miles which are actually quite valuable if and only if I decide to get the credit card. With a lot of short routes from Las Vegas, there is quite a bit of opportunity for me to use the miles for flights.


You can pickup 500 Free Spirit miles for simply signing up for their dining program and linking a credit card. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t use Spirit’s dining program on a regular basis (other currencies are more valuable), however I am happy to scoop up the bonus and 90 more days to figure out my ongoing Spirit strategy. “Spirit Strategy”? I must be losing it.

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  1. Good tip. You can also use their shopping portal or do surveys with them to keep your miles alive. It’s all a pain. The credit card makes it so much easier and the redemption’s are much better also.


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