From Around the Web: Insane Airline Credit Card Numbers, eBay Shutting Down Accounts, A Unique Chicago Hotel Promo & More!


miles to memories roundup

Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts that caught our eye that I thought you may find interesting!  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at

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Here are the articles for this edition:

My Big Mistake with the Southwest Companion Pass – Deals We Like

A simple mistake that almost ended up costing a lot of extra miles.  The simple mistakes can sometimes end up costing us the most.  We all make them, it is being able to adjust or think on the fly to correct them that makes the difference.  If you are a Southwest flier (or hater) make sure to check out my tips & tricks for their boarding process.

Why Airline Credit Cards Have an Enduring Appeal – NY Times

A very interesting read. What makes it truly amazing is that co-branded airline credit cards are terrible for everyday spend and yet they are netting airlines BILLIONS.  This really is a must read in my opinion.  The numbers are staggering:

21% of Amex cardmembers that are carrying debt are on Delta credit cards WOW! The average redemption for domestic travel is .7-1.4 cents per point.  Insanity!!!

Everywhere You Can Fly the Airbus A350 in 2018 – Travel Codex

A great resource worth checking out if you want to ensure flying an A350 on your next international flight.

American Express Is Ready to Charge Into China – The Wall Street Journal

This would be huge news for American Express if it ever comes to fruition.  I’m still skeptical though.

Be careful with Ebay’s Daily Deals – Miles per Day

This is nothing new but it looks like eBay is starting to crack down once again.  I occasionally double dip the really good deals but I try to avoid doing it for fear of a shutdown.


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  1. “While Citi did not offer up hard numbers like Delta and Amex, the company did tell me that the growth of its American Airlines card portfolio was outpacing the predictions of overall economic metrics.” And here I thought lagging growth is why Citi is finally adding extra bonus categories to theit AA cards?!

    Always enjoy your curated info, Mark, thx for doing the digging for us.


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