ATW: Credit Card Rewards Cost Chase $330 Million, How to Survive Long Haul Economy Flights, One Blockbuster Remains & More!


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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts from around the web that caught our eye that I thought you may find interesting!  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at

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Credit card super-users take a $330 million bite out of JP Morgan’s revenue – CNBC

Consumers are getting smarter and more diligent with their spend.  Only using cards for bonus categories.  Chase still posted a record $8.32 Billion profit for the quarter so I wouldn’t feel too bad for them.  I do wonder if this will lead to a tightening of the belt when it comes to rewards.  I do think this proves that a lot of people are still putting big spending numbers on their Chase Sapphire Reserve cards.


Long haul in economy is rarely talked about in the travel hacking blogosphere but many people do it.  This tips help make it bearable and can actually help you with all flights.

SeaWorld Reaches $11.5M EZ Pay Class Action Settlement – Top Class Actions

Looks like Seaworld was trying to stick people with the auto renewal even if it was against the terms of the membership passes.  Sounds a lot like all those Swagbucks subscription deals lol.

Blockbuster down to one store in U.S. after two in Alaska set to close – NY Daily News

Is anyone else shocked there is even one left, much less 3?  A lot of good memories from my childhood involve Blockbuster.  Having my mom call everyday to see if NBA Jam was available for the Genesis yet…and then having to run out at 10PM to grab a copy when it came in.  She probably hated Blockbuster come to think of it, but a lot of sleepovers started with a trip there!

A tale of two start-ups: AURA and MOXY (the dumbest names since JOON and SWOOP) – Windbag Miles

Aura looks very cool but I doubt it ends up being anything near what they are proposing.  I hope Moxy works out, he has the pedigree, because we need more competition in that sector.


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