No 90% Off For You: Garuda Abrubtly Cancels Their Amazing Deal & What This Means


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Garuda Award Promo Cancelled

Garuda Award Promo Cancelled

Time and time again over the past couple of years we have seen a company release a promotion that was just too good and then back off of it. Yesterday I covered Garuda Indonesia’s 90% off award sale. As of the time of my post the airline had confirmed the deal was indeed real, so many people transferred points to take advantage.

Now, the deal is dead and gone. According to their website (via Google Translate):

Due to the outstanding participation of Member GarudaMiles the promo Best Deal of the Year, we inform you that all the seats available for the promotion is over .

If you already have a booking code confirm prior to the date of January 24, 2016, you can still get the promo.

Thank you for your participation and look forward to another exciting promo GarudaMiles.

For the record, the text is incorrect above and the promotion ended as of 12/24/2016 at Midnight Indonesian time. Since point transfers from Citi take days to come through, it looks like people who transferred are out of luck. It isn’t quite clear if held itineraries which weren’t ticketed will be honored when points hit the account.

A New World

The internet has created a new and interesting dynamic. Companies sometimes release promotions that are inefficient with the market. When that happens information gets out and they are overwhelmed. Then someone from revenue management kills it since it blows through its budget or overwhelms the company in general. Then there are companies like Wyndham who cancel the promotion before it begins.

Most of the time promotional terms allow companies to do this of course, but it seems we are seeing it happen more often. Hopefully no one will get stuck holding Garuda points due to their lack of following through. At this point all we have is a message on their website, which doesn’t even have the right date. Sigh.

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