New Deal: Buy Coins & Generate $1,400 in Spend & $50 Profit!

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Generate Spend US Mint Coins

Generate Spend US Mint Coins

The US Mint will release a new coin on Thursday September 06, 2018 and it is a good opportunity to make a small profit plus to generate some spend and rewards on a credit card. Let’s take a look.

The Offer

On Thursday, September 6th – at 12:00pm ET – the US Mint will release a limited edition Palladium Proof coin. The purchase is limited to one (1) coin per household.

The cost of each coin will be $1,387.50. After including the $4.95 shipping, each order’s total will be $1,392.45. The coins are bought by PFS Buyers Club and they will pay you $1,443 for a total profit of $50.55 per coin ordered + credit card spend/rewards earned.

How it Works

Note: Only sign-up and opt-in if you are committed. Please leave space for others who want to do the deal.

Once you sign up for an account today (our referral link) you go to the “Current Deal” read the terms carefully and opt-in if you can meet them. They only buy so many coins so those who are opted-in will be guaranteed to be able to sell the deal. Once enough people opt-in they will end the deal.

When purchasing the coin you will have it shipped to your house. After receiving it you will ship the coin (still sealed) to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid FedEx shipping label that they will provide for you. When they receive the package they will send you the payment.

Read This First

If you decide to sign-up and opt-in to this deal, MAKE SURE TO ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH. These deals are popular and opting-in without actually buying the coin means that someone else is missing out on the opportunity. This means that you should be available to purchase the coin exactly at Noon ET when it goes on sale.

Also, if you opt-in don’t try to speculate and sell the coin elsewhere. In other words, if you commit then follow through and sell to PFS. If you aren’t prepared to do that then don’t opt-in. Simple and easy.


Is this safe? There is always risk when dealing with companies and money. With that said, I have done several of these deals (including two sets in July) and hundreds of our readers have successfully completed them as well. I plan to participate in this deal and have already opted-in. 

Could you make more money elsewhere? During some past deals it has been noted that you could probably sell the coins yourself elsewhere (eBay for example) and make more money. I am not an expert on coins, but this could be true. PFS Buyer’s Club provides an easy way to generate spend and make some money. For this reason I plan to sell them my coins and have enjoyed past deals. If you want to sell the coin elsewhere then do it I guess. Just make sure you don’t commit to sell to PFS first.


Any time you can spend a few minutes and generate some free spend plus a small profit it is worth considering. This deal has more than twice the spend as the last one and the profit is nice too. With that said, make sure to read all of the deal terms to ensure you are both able and willing to follow through.

Once you are sure you want to go forward sign up and opt-in. Leave space for those who are committed but don’t wait too long to decide or it might fill up. 


  1. Im on the site now and it looks like after opt-in you describes needing to also have a US Mint account. Should we go set one of these up now?

  2. I did not see an option for insurance but looks like a signature is required.
    “Due to the value of your order, signature will be required upon delivery. Once an order is placed, the shipping address cannot be modified.”

  3. I wish I could but I live in Hawaii. Not shopping something that valuable with no guarantee. Can the shipping be insured to cover the whole cost of the item?

  4. I just opted in. Anyone know any good US Mint first order promo codes? I see during the checkout there is an option for “discount code” if so that could score extra savings.

  5. Any idea if any CC’s are treating this as a cash advance? US Mint doesn’t charge for credit cards? I thought they did away with the CC charges from the $1 coin coverage.


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