My Experience Getting Approved as a Bulk Gift Card Seller


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gift card bulk seller application process

Gift Card Bulk Selling

I write about a ton of deals regarding gift cards that can be bought to generate credit card rewards and even in some cases profit. With these deals becoming more common lately, I have also run into issues with trying to sell the cards in any volume.

Some of the gift card re-sellers would always flag my transactions as fraudulent and others paid terrible rates and always required that physical cards be sent in. For that reason I decided to pursue a bulk relationship with two different companies.

The two companies I ultimately chose were Cardpool and SaveYa, primarily because I know of others who have a relationship with them. SaveYa is also fairly good about accepting gift codes online in many cases, which is quite helpful in being able to avoid mailing out cards too often.

The Application Process

gift card bulk seller application process
SaveYa Bulk

Both companies have a brief online application that needs to be filled out. In the application they’ll ask some of the following:

  • Personal information (Name, address, date of birth)
  • Business information
  • How much volume you expect to sell
  • Where you obtain most of your gift cards

SaveYa Bulk Info

Cardpool Bulk Info

Note: There are of course many other resellers that allow bulk relationships as well.

The Next Step

After filling out the application for both resellers, I received a phone call within a day or two for a phone interview. My guess is this interview is to verify you are a legitimate person and not a scammer. Either way the interview consists of a few questions, covering mostly what is on the application.

During my interviews I simply told them that I purchase gift cards from retailers during sales. I also explained that I am always looking out for deals and that is why I am able to find these discounts. Generally these companies like when you purchase the gift cards directly yourself as opposed to buying them from a 3rd party before reselling.

After the Interview

gift card bulk seller application process

For both Cardpool and SaveYa, I had no action on my bulk seller application for over a week after talking with them. Then I shot off a quick email and both companies responded almost immediately by approving me. I’m not sure what happened, but I had been holding a few cards, so it was nice to be able to get rid of them.


I highly suggest if you begin selling gift cards in bulk that you start tracking everything. Previously when I was just doing very small amounts, I didn’t keep everything in a spreadsheet. Now I track all of the information including card numbers, pins, purchase price, sale price and more. Ultimately this will help with my record keeping, but also eventually I should be able to track trends, etc.


Becoming a bulk seller isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it also isn’t for someone who buys a few hundred dollars of gift cards casually. (No need to become a bulk seller for that.) I am still settling into my bulk seller status and plan to post some more about it as I discover new things. As for now, I am just liquidating some Staples gift cards and all of the cards I purchased on eBay over the past couple of weeks!

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  1. For both SaveYa and Cardpool, do they actually off better rates for bulk sellers? And no monthly minimum selling limits? Thanks!

    • I don’t know about Cardpool, but Saveya does not offer better rates. It only offers a higher limit than normal sellers.

  2. I got approved don phone after 3 weeks for $2k monthly sell limit only after i facebooked many times.
    However when i try to sell, the Saveya website shows as regular seller.

    How do you sell as bulk seller? Am I supposed to get better rate for selling as bulk seller?

    I am trying to sell several $300 Target GCS but when i check the sell rate, it is showing a pathetic rate of about $260 something for $300 gcs.

    Please educate me how you sell as bulk after getting approved

  3. I notice that staples been send the easy rebate I’m the form of staple card instead Visa card is it easy to liquidate.

  4. Shawn – What is the email that you messaged save-ya? I have tried several times leaving a message on their bulk seller line and filling out the online form/requesting to be a bulk seller with no call back.

  5. I have recently sold a card on cardpool after many times selling on but after 3 weeks haven’t received a payment. Do you have any advice for contacting someone there to see what’s going on? I still have the original gift card (sold as an egift card) and it still has a balance which is comforting but still, kind of a pain.

      • Thanks. I did email them and eventually got a response. “Our new marketplace system is experiencing a few technical problems. Please bear with us until our engineers fix the installment.”

        I did get paid but 3 weeks turnaround time is unacceptable to me so doubt I’ll use them again in the future.


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