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Gift Card Reselling Spreadsheet Template

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Last week I covered how and why it is so important to get organized when selling gift cards. After that post several people reached out asking if I could provide a template or copy of the spreadsheet I use to track gift cards. While I won’t share my actual spreadsheet, you can see all of the information needed below.

Gift Card Reselling Spreadsheet

Let’s walk through this sample spreadsheet a bit. I’ll try to explain what everything means and why I included that information.

The Basic Card Info

The first part of the spreadsheet tracks the card information. Included in this section are the Source, the date of purchase, card identifying info, the value of the card along with the purchase price. I also track the buy discount so I can quickly look back. 

Gift Card Reselling Spreadsheet TemplateAs you would expect this information is pretty self explanatory. 

Sale Info

The second section of the spreadsheet is where I put in all of the information relating to sales.

Gift Card Reselling Spreadsheet TemplateIn this part I track common sense stuff like the date sold and the discount off face value but I also track a few other things. First, I use formulas to track the profit both by percentage and dollar amount. I also track who I sold the card to and put in any info I can so I can quickly reference that sale. I also have a notes area for other general info. You will see I have some credit card rewards info in the sample, however I don’t actually track that personally.

The one area I want to focus on is Sold Price and Net Proceeds. I use this so I can track what price a card sold at while also tracking what I receive. Some of you may sell cards to a reseller in which case that number will probably be the same. Some others however may sell on a marketplace where you pay a fee. If that is the case you can have both numbers tracked.

Getting Advanced

As many of you might know spreadsheets are very powerful and from here you could extract data to help you run your reselling business better. There are also a ton of other things you could track if you wanted. I admit that I struggle to keep all of this up to date and thus haven’t taken it further, although I suspect it would be beneficial to do so.

Am I missing anything on this spreadsheet that you feel should be included? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Have you found an efficient way to track gift cards used to purchase merchandise for resale? For tax purposes, I mean. In the midst of tax season, wondering what will make the IRS happy…


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